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Yellow Tinted Windows

Window Tinting / January 9, 2022

I bought an Asus G73S laptop and plugged in my old monitor but noticed it had a yellow hue. At first I thought it was the cable but figured out that if I went to display settings and used the "Calibrate Color" wizard in Windows 7 it fixed the least until I logged off or the laptop went to sleep, which makes the problem come back (and I have to go back to Calibrate Color). What's strange is that even just clicking the first "Next" button in the Calibrate Color wizard will fix it and I just click next, next, next to use the defaults (or can even just cancel after the first next and the tint is gone).

I also thought it was the monitor I was using which was old and had no drivers available for Windows 7, but I recently replaced the monitor and the cable and the problem persists. This is VGA connection by the way. Don't know if using HDMI fixes it.

Edit: This question's old, I know, but I've never solved the problem. However, I have noticed new insights into what the issue might be. It turns out not to be the fact that I'm connecting to an external monitor, I noticed a change in the color even when using the laptop's screen (albeit it's harder to notice). And if I correct the problem on the laptop's screen and then connect to an external monitor, the issue remains corrected. Not sure if I should edit the title of this question or not.