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Window Tinting / July 15, 2016

2774 Old Washington Rd
Waldorf, MD 20601
(301) 932-4980

They did a great job on our 95 honda accord. Very friendly. Would recommend them. Took about an hour and a half.

Customer service sucks. I was told that a job would take 1 hour. It ended up taking 4 1/2 hours. I came back twice to see if my car was done and it wasn't he said try back in an hour. I asked them to call me when it was done. No call so I called them and they said 15 more minutes. Went right back and they were working on someone elses car with my car stuck in the shop behind this car that they were working on. I wish I had read all the bad reviews about this company before I went to them. I asked him did he realize that he quoted me an hour to do this work and it has been 4 1/2 hours. No even an apology. Best thing was that this was the manager that I was dealing with. Do not recommend this company.

This is the BEST tint shop I have ever been to! The customer service is top notch, not to mention the owner is very knowledgeable about his craft. All of my cars will be tinted here!

Not impressed. We arrived and they seemed to have been a lot of arguing going on between the owner and a employee.not sure if this effected the quality of the job done on my car, but it was very disturbing to hear all of that going on in a place of business. Just got my new car tinted there in July 2012 and it is now Sept 2012 and I hhave several scratches and bubbles within the tint, also the tint color is much lighter than the average 35% tint color. Fpr the price, I expected I have to spend more money getting it removed and re-applied by another shop!

I got my 1994 Ford Explorer done here about 6 years ago and they did a great job so I decided to go back to get my new to me 2002 VW GTI. I made appointment and when I arrived I found out they had closed their old shop and moved across the street. New shop looked very shady and rundown but decided to go ahead and have them do it. I should have gone with my gut and turned around. I had them do 15% on the back windows and 20% on the front. This was two weeks ago and the tint is already peeling off my driver side window and there are bubbles on every window on the car... Do yourself a favor and pay the extra $50 or so it takes to get a professional tint job not the hack job you get from these guys.