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Windows Tinting Tutorial

Window Tinting / November 8, 2020

Our core business is our industry renowned, intensive 4 day 1-2-1 course, this will give you a VERY good foundation on which to build your future, super profitable tinting business. During the courses we'll give you advice on setting up your tint bay, marketing, prospecting & film supply, not just the tinting. We'll be doing the training in a working tint bay, so you can see what you'll need and the lay out.

It's your time, so feel free to pick our brains.

There are a lot of very successful tinting businesses out there that started off with our training. Our training has helped them to go on and make hundreds of thousands of pounds over the years!!

This 4 day 1-2-1 course is THE course to do if you're serious about wanting to learn how to tint and then go off and set up a tinting business. It's not just the course, it's all the back up that comes with it, the course is just the start...
But due to demand we now offer a variety of other courses to suit everyone's budget and needs:

ALL our tinting courses come with dedicated training manuals, we email these to you so you've always got a method you can refer back to.

This is our Sian, who guides you through a complete tinting tutorial in your dealer manuals. We actually
re-wrote Llumar's and Suntek's training manuals for them, John wrote the originals when he worked for
them over 10 years ago!!”

1 Day Refresher/ Re-training or Advanced Course

For those with tinting experience, or for those who've been trained by others but are still struggling, or that just want to come and "freshen up" their technique, and get some tips and hints. Mainly how to speed up their installation. All our 1 day courses are tailored to YOUR needs, we can concentrate on what ever it is YOU want to go over... For Example, we had Mark from Sheffield over not long ago, trained by someone else and he was really struggling with rear screen shrinking, he'd been taught to “wet shrink”. We showed him our methods and it cut his time on a Focus rear screen down from over 1 hour. To 10 minutes!! This was all before 11am. He went home at 6pm a very very happy chap.

1 Day Flat Glass Course

Now you may not have thought of this, but flat glass is a MASSIVE industry that hardly anyone knows about. It's the tinting of houses, conservatories and offices.

The technique for applying and trimming the film is VERY SIMPLE, don't be fooled into doing other peoples 2 or 3 day courses, it is totally unnecessary. However, there is a lot more theory to flat glass e.g film to glass application checks, what film for what issue, pricing, just for starters. In the training unit we have all sorts of windows, doors.

3 Day Automotive course

We provide an intensive 3 day course, which will give you VERY good foundations on which to build your future, profitable tinting business. During the courses I'll give you advice on setting up your tint bay. We'll be doing the training in my tint bay, a working tint bay, so you can see what you'll need and the lay out. Ideally you'll also tint YOUR car on day 3 and if there's time some of our cars too. Johnny did 4!!!

I'll also give you advice on marketing and anything else you can think of concerning the business, after all it's your time, so feel free to pick my brains.

What's included in the 3 day course?

A basic tool kit comprising of the tools you'll need for automotive tinting.
All the film you need on the courses (you'll use A LOT)

Advice on :-

  • How to price jobs
  • Legal issues
  • Types of films and where to get it from
  • Warranty work ( doesn't happen often)
  • Different types of glass
  • Tools and where to get them from
  • The paperwork involved
  • How to deal with the "DOT MATRIX" problem.

Hands on experience

  • Film handling techniques
  • Door trim removal
  • Glass preparation
  • Application and cleaning solutions
  • Cutting patterns
  • How to deal with FELT issues
  • Squeegee techniques
  • How to deal with pillarless windows ( e.g subarus)
  • Micro edging / Filing
  • Drop glass
  • Fixed glass
  • Quarter Glass
  • Cutting templates (saves time, saved time = more money)
  • Applying film to glass in the car
  • Applying film to glass once it's been removed
  • Heat shrinking of rear windows, in order to apply the film in one piece
  • We'll touch on splicing too.
  • Problem solving, how to rectify mistakes.
  • How to recognise when to start again!!!
  • Back rolling rear screens in saloons
  • Dry and wet shrinking techniques
  • Tint Removal
  • Most importantly QUALITY CONTROL

Our most popular 4 Day Automotive and Flat Glass Course

This is a combination of the 3 day automotive course and the 1 day flat glass course.

There are so many different techniques to applying window film, I'll be showing you my way, developed over years and by working on literally thousands of windows. Just bear in mind there is no right or wrong way to do it, if the finished job is right!!

“Here's Jim receiving his Llumar certificate of
Llumars UK sales director Nik Sandars, one of the