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Window Tinting / February 4, 2017

Horrible! The owner and all of...

Horrible! The owner and all of his employees are extremely rude and arrogant. At first the price was supposed to be around 130.. AFTER I had already dropped off my car, got a ride back to work and they had already began working on the car, then they call me to tell me how it's going to be over $200.. That conversation was not pleasant and I should have known from that point what troubles would lie ahead. I go to pick my car up and it will not start. I tried everything I could on the spot, replaced the battery, checked spark, etc. I had to pay a tow truck $80 in order for it to be towed. I had to pay a mechanic $75 for my cluster gauges to be fixed and I had to buy a $550 ABS module that was shorted out at some point while the car was in their hands. I get the car fixed and running again, and the weekend after all this happened I decide to wash the car. In the process of washing my car I discover that one of my window mirror mouldings has been broken. Doesn't seem like I big deal right? Wrong! The problem is that the moulding is part of the mirror and the mirrors are powered. So now I have to buy a $150 mirror with a motor in it. Then I have to get it primed and painted so that it matches my cars paint. I went to Sunguard on my lunch break in the beginning of the next week. Immediately I am blown off and told that they did nothing with the outside of the windows. Yeah Right! I showed him that the driver side rubber moulding next to the mirror had been tampered with and he told me that was not them. I asked him to please speak with the owner, he said he wasn't there, took my number and said he would call me. Weeks pass by and no call. I stop by again and still no owner. The woman at the counter tells me that she is not affiliated with Sunguard and that she is the owner of rhino lining. She again takes down my number and tells me that the owner will call me. A week or two passes and finally he calls me. He immediately begins to tell me how he worked on the car himself and how they don't ever touch the outside of the windows. He says that I didn't call until the next week after they worked on it and that someone must have tried to break into it. He asked me to bring the car, so I did immediately. I show him the busted passenger side plastic moulding and all he wants to do is look at the driver side where the rubber peice had been tampered with (by them.) He shows me an SUV and says I promise you we never do anything with the outside of the windows and begins to tell me how long his company has been there.. After arguing a bit he tells me to leave and that he is not going to fix the little rubber moulding on the driver side. I told him that I was not concerned about the rubber, and that I am concerned about having to replace my mirror after everything else that I already had to pay for. I told him that I can fix the rubber myself and that I left it as evidence to show him that his installers did do something with the mouldings on the outside of the windows. Some woman comes out to scream in my face and he told me to leave again so I said that I'd see him in court. Beware they will upsale you and then try to push you around when THEY mess something up!