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Window Tinting / October 13, 2016

Your vehicle’s appearance is extremely important to us. Whatever your “look” our automotive window tinting professionals will make sure to get the match you desire.

Heat Rejection

Heat Rejection is a significant problem with the ever increasing square footage of glass surface area. We can stop as much or as little of the heat as you like by utilizing various tints to achieve the goal.

Security & Privacy

Security can be accomplished by changing the Visible Light Transmission to decrease the visibility into a vehicle. We can also enhance the strength of the glass by utilizing a thicker material.

Glare Reduction
Glare Reduction is easily accomplished through the use of our wide selection of films to reduce the amount of glare passing through the glass.
UV Light Protection

UV rays are the chief cause of skin cancer and the reason for deterioration of the interiors of most vehicles. Professionally installed films can reduce the dangers and damaging effects.

Fuel Economy

Tinted windows will increase your fuel economy by reducing the amount of sunlight that heats up the interior of the car in the summer, but also by holding in heat in the winter.


Adding window tint will not interfere with your radio, cell phones, GPS or car alarms. It will make your SUV look better and even improve performance.