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Window Tinting / October 29, 2021

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My husband had his XM Radio installed at Vernon's. Junior, the technician was fantastic & professional. The guy knows his stuff. However, the owner's wife is quite unpleasant. We dropped off the car first thing in the morning on New Year's Eve. We then went to do errands and have breakfast. Just as we served our food, we get a call from Vernon's telling us we've got 15 min. to go pickup our car because they're closing early. Not once did they mention that when we dropped off the car. She was rude, and we'll never do service with them again. The only reason I rated this place three stars was because of Junior, a good technician in an unprofessional environment!

So the saga continues! I finally sucked it up and went to another shop to have the mess that Vernons made repaired as my headlights quit working, my break light turned on, and my check engine light all came on. I lost power in my breaks and the headlights turned off when I switched them to on with no brights. After paying another shop to fix it and having them inform me of what all they found, here's what I got; they had to completely remove the alarm and start over. The module that they said was bad was not even needed on my vehicle, the headlight wire was unplugged because of the cheap and easy connections they used, the check engine light is no longer on and the brakes now work again like new. I would not let anybody I know ever take their car there and would pay whatever it takes to not have them touch my car ever again. If anybody has any questions about this please feel free to ask! Oh and the owner's wife is now the owner so good luck getting good service!

Went in to get a quote on window tint. When we walked in there was no one up front and two people at a table talking. Stood a round for a min or so and finally the lady at the table asked how she could help. I told her we were looking to get window tint and she told there price. When I tried to ask about a the tint she started talking to the other person at table. This lady was very rude and acted like she did not want to help us. I will pay the extra 50 dollars for service at a better place. Highly would not recommend this place to any one.