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Window Tinting / September 5, 2021

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Took my Mercedes Benz in for a complete detail on 3/8/2017. Cost was $130.00. The inside of the vehicle was already very clean, so actually can't comment much about the inside however, the gentleman (Bean) did do an excellent job when in comes to the waxing. Not too sure if I'll do another complete detail but certainly will take it back to these guys for my next wax job.

I had my windows tinted at the Pro Touch shop in Florence, KY. After a few days I noticed that there were a decent amount of little air bubbles on a few of the windows. I called in and they told me to wait 3-4 weeks after the Tinting to allow the bubbles to dissipate. I waited 1 month and the bubbles were still there - some caused by hairs under the tint, others by a bad tint job in general. I thought no big deal since they have a lifetime guarantee I can go in and have it redone for free. I took it in to have it checked out and was told they would need to retint 3 of the windows and it would take about 3 hours (compared to the 1 hour it took them to do the bad job in the first place). I made an appointment for a week day to drop it off during my lunch (and pay out of pocket for a ride back to work and then again from work to pick my car up since they don't provide any transportation). However, a meeting ran over at work and I missed the appointment by 30 minutes. Since they have a policy of not rescheduling missed appointments, I was told the only option I have is to call in on a day I have off and hope they can fit me in. Since I only have weekdays off for holidays, my option is to take a day off work and hope they can squeeze me in. They also refuse to schedule retints on Saturdays because they take extra time. You would think a company would be more accommodating to you since they are already causing you the trouble to bring your car in for a second time to fix the bad job they did in the first place. I recommend trying to find a different place that is able to get your windows done right the first time.

Yesterday I dropped my car off to pro touch window tinting up on mall road. I called in the morning to ask if there was a availability and they got me in for 12. I dropped the car off and a while later got a friendly call that it was finished. Picked it up and they did a amazing job. I had always used quality window tinting before (ft wright) but have had a few hiccups with the job I received. The total for a 4 door car including the front strip was $230 and comes with a warranty Very happy with this place so far. My friend used them last wk and his looks great as well.

I stopped in yesterday to inquire about total cost & how far in advance I would need to schedule for a full car tint. To my surprise, they were able to schedule me for the following day- today- and the price seemed reasonable ($179 for 4 door car). When I arrived today they got me in & out in a reasonable time frame (about an hour & a half)...and the (manager??) Kim was enjoyable to speak with. She thoroughly explained what to expect from the tint over the next few days, and how to take care of it going forward. The tint looks great!