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Window Tinting / March 11, 2018

Back at company HQ following the trip, Doyle related to, “Overall it was a great trip. It was a blast going out and supporting the guys that support us. The two events on Friday, plus Saturday and Sunday [events], were strong but the weather turned cold on Sunday at the USACi event in Midland at Superior Sound Works. That said, it was a swing that let us see several key dealers and support their events.”

The trip started on Friday, April 29, with 2 stops – one in Lubbock and one in Midland. In Lubbock, the DD Audio van pulled up to one of DD’s longest standing dealers, Custom Sound Works. Mike Jones, Custom Sound Works owner, stated to, “It was great to have the DD Audio van at my store. I am an original DD Audio dealer and the first competitor to set a world SPL record running DD Audio gear. Breaking 170dB back then was a real benchmark. Our customers appreciate the quality and performance that DD Audio products deliver. I’ve been here for 19 years and look forward to another 19 with DD Audio.”

On Saturday, April 30, Doyle and Trimble headed to one of DD Audio’s newest dealers, Superior Audio Sounds and Window Tinting, in San Angelo. The duo cranked it up for the Grand Opening celebration. The event had a good turnout with some sweet giveaways, a live radio broadcast and plenty o’ bass from the DD Audio van.

Ken Smith, Superior Audio Sounds and Tint owner, commented to, “We got started here back in December of 2015 and it was terrific to see the DD Audio van in our parking lot. We had a lot of customer demo cars and I have never seen so many vehicles on our lot. We are proud to have DD Audio in our store as a top premium car audio brand.”

Then to round out the weekend, on Sunday, May 1, the DD Audio Work Van headed back to Midland for the Leroy Hidalgo Benefit Car Show and USACi Sound Off sponsored by Superior Sound Works. The event featured food, drinks, a live DJ, and a raffle with all proceeds dedicated to the Hidalgo family.