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Which Windows Tint is Best?

Window Tinting / May 10, 2018

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Best window tint films or window tints have become the expanded framework for defining the value of a property or vehicle in today’s world. In addition to actually improve this value, consumers can now select a window film based upon price and quality by comparing it with the rest of them. As they open up their access to the wide range of window tinting type, it is necessary to become focused on what is practical and what it not. Bridging the similarities and differences in these tinting materials is one of the keys to determine what you want for your vehicle.

Consumers have many film types to choose from depending on price, durability and other factors, such as low quality metalized dyed film, mid quality carbon film and premium quality ceramic film. A good window film can significantly improve the aesthetic look of the vehicle but a potential purchaser is often left with confusion regarding what a premium quality and a cheap version would do for their possession.

The answer to what is considered best is not guided by price tag alone. Many companies in the recent years due to the competitive nature of car industry have been at the forefront of selling window films for a low price. Confronted with questions and doubts they also claim that those films are of highest quality. However, this is not true most of the time. A good comes with a reasonable price which is certainly not the best bargain you will ever have in your life. But given the durability of these films, it is worth the price paid.

Cheap tinting materials are easy to identify once you know what to look for. As it is evident, the tinting material used here is economical and do not last long or at least fail to perform its basic task of blocking sunlight. Cheap window films leave undesirable bubbling effect after a few use which means the adhesive beneath the surface is wearing off. Also, you will notice that cheap window films tend to discolor more and more with time and use.

Best Window Tint Film

The best quality window tinting material, on the other hand, holds well on the surface of the window and lowers the radiant temperature like it should. Best of all, they last for a lifetime making it worth the investment. With a broad spectrum of window tinting to choose from, the growing technology has also allowed for tinting approaches that are customized for vehicles, offices and stores.

As mentioned earlier, cheap tinting is the result of a quick manufacturing process without much attention to details and quality. The bubbling effect will have a negative impact on the aesthetic value of the vehicle. In most cases, the bubbling will cause the film to peel away from the surface and this happens only for two reasons – quality of tinting that is below par and the way it is applied on the window. Poor quality tinting is rarely provided with material or labor warranty from the manufacturer. When all these factors are examined it is easy to gain a clearer picture of not only of what sets them apart, but also what distinguishes practical from impractical usage. In essence, high quality films are better than low quality ones in terms of

  • Practicality
  • Durability
  • Warranty
  • Structure
  • Appearance
  • Cost-effectiveness

Window films are covered with a liner over the adhesive material while it is designed which is then peeled away during installation. The liner in high quality films guards against all types of contamination, not only dust or debris. These films are made of multiple plies joined together to offer extra strength and performance, whereas low quality films only have a couple of plies. Other features of a high quality film include high edge covering all gaps around the window, custom cut and fit as well as labor service with warranty. In addition, high quality films provide tint in various hue and saturation, block 99 percent of UV rays, reduce heat and fading, protect interior and are suitable for tinting any kind of machinery and heavy equipments.