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Tinted Roll UP Windows Shades

Window Tinting / March 13, 2020

WARRANTY PERIOD AND TERMS FROM DATE OF SHIPMENT 1st Year: Full Replacement 2nd Year: Charged 1/3 of current cost 3rd Year: Charged 2/3 of current cost Covered: 1. Defective Shade Material 2. Seams opening 3. Shade Material delaminating 4. Defective Spring Motor 5. Defective Bead Chain Drive Unit DAMAGES IN SHIPPING: When you receive your shipment, if there is any sign of damage to the outer packaging, you MUST notate that there was such damage on the bill of lading when you sign it and send us photos of the damaged packages and shade products. If you do not, we will NOT be able to replace parts or shades that are damaged. We can ONLY REPLACE, we CANNOT REFUND for damaged shipments. We are constrained by the freight companies’ policies in this matter.

Not Covered: Vandalism, improper operation, customer installation, any installer fees (North Solar Screen will not assume responsibility for any labor installation problems, including NBI and installation of replacement of in-warranty parts), wear on cords, scuffing/scratching of mylar film, chains pulleys and locks, rusting of décor bar, change of color from continued exposure to strong sunlight, damage to exterior shade and/or motor when not retracted in windy conditions. We reserve the right to request specific pictures/videos detailing the problem to send to our factory for inspection and final decision. We may require you to speak to factory personnel for assistance troubleshooting to determine what parts need replacing or if the product needs to be remade. We are not responsible for the payment of any labor associated with the re-installation of parts or shades. Battery life is estimated based on raising and lowering the shade once daily. We do not warranty batteries. Estimated battery life for a single 12 volt wand is about 1-1.5 years. A Booster Battery Wand extends battery life to about 2 years. The life of the battery depends upon the weight of the material and how often it is used per day. Average battery life is about 1.5-2 years depending upon those factors.

RollEase Lifetime Warranty RollEase Inc. warrants that RollEase clutches shall conform to RollEase, Inc.’s specifications and therefore, when properly installed in a window covering, in accordance with intended category, diameter, size, weight and assembly practices, and when used in conjunction with other RollEase, Inc. components or previously-approved components of other manufacturers, shall be free of defects in workmanship and materials under the normal use and service for which intended, for so long as the original purchaser owns the product. During the warranty period RollEase Inc. shall, at its expense and at its option, repair, replace or issue appropriate credit for any clutch that proves to be defective. RollEase Inc.’s liability in such cases applies only to the clutch mechanism and does not extend to include any related costs or expenses incurred by replacement, repair or return. This warranty does not apply to any RollEase clutch subjected to unauthorized repair or alteration, or to misuse or abuse. The warranty herein is in lieu of all other warranties, oral or written, express or implied, including but not limited to the implied warranties of fitness for use. In no event shall RollEase, Inc. be liable for loss of anticipated profits or for special, collateral, consequential or incidental damages, direct or indirect.

Somfy Warranty: Somfy warrants their motors and motor control systems to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal and proper use for a period of five years starting from the date stamped on the motor. Mechanical, electrical and electronic accessories are warranted for one year from the date of invoice. SOMFY 5 Year Warranty (pdf)

Victory Motors: Victory Motors and and motor control systems are under warranty to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal and proper use for a period of five years starting from the date stamped on the motor.

Inspection of Defect: We reserve the right to inspect shades to determine if there is a manufacturing error. Please do not return shades unless we request it. Returns MUST be put in a box and then shipped to us. Returns MUST be shipped in a box and packed well to prevent damage. Freight is not covered. Inspect all cartons immediately for damage. Please do not accept your shipment if the cartons are damaged.

Our Return Policy: When shades are ordered from North Solar Screen, our shade materials must be cut to fit. Once materials have been cut, orders CAN NOT be cancelled.

Color Disclaimer for All Shades We always recommend that you received samples before ordering your shades. Despite every effort to accurately duplicate each product’s color when scanned to our website, actual colors may vary. Due to monitor and/or video card differences, subtle variations in color and surface texture may not be fully revealed. Again, these are custom products and CANNOT be returned for reasons other than warranty repair or service. Therefore you need to be certain that any slight variations occurring between the actual color, and the representation on our website, will be acceptable. Slight variations might occur between the sample and the finished product. These dye lot variations are common to the manufacturing process, and are within industry tolerances. They are not defects. Due to these variations we recommend that when identical products and colors are to used for more than one opening, that they all be ordered at the same time. North Solar Screen cannot be responsible for dye lot variances.