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Window Tinting / July 19, 2021

Skylight Window Films serves a wide variety of customers in the commercial sector. We have many products to choose from, which allows us to find the best solution for each of our clients. Our knowledge of the commercial window tinting industry enables us to treat each window with the right product. Not all windows are created equally. There are many different kinds of glass, and it takes an expert to know how to best treat a particular lite of glass safely, and for optimum results. We strive to provide our customers with the absolute highest level of value possible, and we have products to fit just about any budget. Our slogan is – Your satisfaction is our success. We truly mean this, and we would love for the opportunity to show you. Click here to learn more about us!


Every product we install is backed by the manufacturers who supply them to us with the best warranties in the business. Most of our commercial warranties are 15 years. The warranty covers any and all manufacturing or installer failure. If the film starts to bubble, crack, peel, delaminate, etc. within the period of the warranty, the product will be replaced at no cost to you.

Solar Control

If heat is a problem, and you’re battling with the sun to keep your work-space cool, we have solutions for you! We have many technologies and different shades available to meet your needs and budget. Your whole team will appreciate a more comfortable environment, and productivity will increase! Our films will exceed your solar control needs by rejecting up to 90% heat, while reducing glare, and making every cubic inch of your work space a more consistent temperature. Click here to learn more.

Safety and Security Film

According to, Houston has over 100, 000 property crimes annually. It is in the to 5% most dangerous cities in the US. We offer safety and security films designed to help keep your loved ones, and valuables safe from criminals and extreme weather. Our films range from 2 mils to 21 mils in thickness. Clear and tinted options are available. Our security films will make your windows almost impenetrable, deterring burglaries and protecting against extreme weather conditions. Click here to learn more.

Decorative Films

Make your office unique, aesthetically attractive, innovative and appealing – portraying sophistication to your valuable clients! If you’re looking to add custom patterns, gradients, or graphics to your glass to give your office some more style we have just what you need. The possibilities are endless! Click here to learn more.

Privacy Films

If you’re looking to add privacy to your conference room, all your offices, or your entire building, Skylight Window Films has the solution for you. We offer a large variety of privacy films that can give you a little more isolation without sacrificing lighting. Privacy films come in decorative and solar control options. Click here to learn more.