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Window Tinting / January 1, 2021

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I've now taken two cars to Sun-Stoppers in the last six months and both times walked away pretty happy with the High Performance (HP) Smoke tint by Solar Gard. Both my cars are hatchbacks with many windows and aren't able to be garage parked. So, it was important we have heat reduction and privacy so you couldn't see into our vehicles when parked on the street. I found the staff friendly and the prices great. The cars look really good and I see no bubbles or scratches. Both times I made appointments that started and ended in the time they gave. Best of all, **they don't try and oversell you**. There are several types of tint available and they don't take you to the most expensive. I would recommend you do your research on Solar Gard window films ahead of time or be sure to ask them the difference between the levels (reflective vs non reflective, how it interacts with your GPS / radio, color change, heat rejection, etc.) If there is one complaint I have, when I got my car back it did smell a little like cigarette smoke. I don't think anyone was smoking inside. But, it's done in an enclosed space and just picked up some of the smell. So, if this is something you might be sensitive to, I'd suggest asking them to not smoke during installation. But, I LOVE how the cars look and would recommend Sun Stoppers to anyone. I'll try and update later as I'm curious to see how the color will hold up over time.

I first went to Sun Stoppers soon after I bought a new car about this time last year. I had a bad experience at D&L with my previous tint job so I figured I'd try some place new in hopes of an overall better experience. THE GOOD... -was greeted quickly -waiting area was clean -prices were fair -estimated time given was about the time it took to do the job THE BAD... -within about 20 minutes after leaving the tint on the back window started peeling off...I had to return after being halfway home and not living very close...apology was given and it was fixed -noticed a few months ago the corners of the tint on the back window starting to peel slightly (never had this happen with any reputable tint job with my past two other cars) -also noticed a few weeks after job was done some small scratch like markings on various parts of the tint (wasn't a huge deal and having to keep returning isn't convenient) Overall my experience at Sun Stoppers was a bit below what I expected based on other positive reviews. Even though there were some bright spots, the quality of the tint job did not meet or exceed my expectations. I believed the tint job would have lasted more than a year. If I was considering retinting my car or a new one perhaps I'd take my business elsewhere.

Went here based on a recommendation. The price was great and the staff was very friendly. I had an appointment and my car was taken right away and completed in the estimated time. Before I got my car back, I was warned that there would be bubbles, but they would go away after a few days. I was skeptical after seeing them, but after about 3 days I could not find one bubble. The tint job is absolutely perfect. I highly recommend to anyone.

Met with Drew, Dave and Scott! Awesome guys and they're so fast! The tint looks great.

These guys are fantastic! They were extremely courteous, fast, reasonable and custom cut the tint for my vehicle with state of the art equipment. If you need tint work done, they are the best. I had gone to another "well known" auto tint company in Baltimore (after recently moving here and not knowing that I had to get a Maryland Vehicle Inspection) and had my windows tinted ($290). Once I went in for inspection, I failed. Had to pay an additional fee ($150) to have it removed and they got real ugly with me when I questioned D&L why they didn't inform me up front about Maryland tint laws. (It is their business to know the laws of their business, right?) If you need tint, GOTO SUNSTOPPERS! You won't be disappointed.