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Window Tinting / June 29, 2020

Sunshine_autoskinz_window_tinting-vinyl_wrap_materials_9436Shonna showed me around their immaculate 8, 000-square-foot facility, which includes a materials room where they store and cut their assortment of film and wrap products; a large, super-clean, environmentally controlled garage roomy enough to perform simultaneous installations on at least four vehicles at a time (on the day I was there, they were applying protective films to a Ferrari, a BMW, and a boat!); and a very spacious (and super clean) waiting room that includes a giant flat-screen television with DirectTV, a big comfy couch and recliner, as well as toys for younger kids and an XBox to keep gamers occupied. They also offer free WiFi, drinks, and snacks, as well as loaner cars and a free shuttle service around the entire Santa Clarita area so to not inconvenience you while they are working on your vehicle.

One wall was covered with a variety of informative displays, and Shonna gave me a complete description of each product they offered, and explained to me the difference between 3M's FX Premium, Color Stable, and Crystalline films.SUnshine_autoskinz_window_tinting-crystalline_40_9432 Everything is there to help the customer decide what kind of protective film and tint level they would like to have installed on their vehicle.

There was even one display that used an infrared heatlamp to demonstrate how each different material worked to reduce heat inside the car. (You can watch a video demo here at YouTube.) After discussing the options, we chose the Crystalline film at a level 40 tint.

Just from the one day that I spent in their facility, it was obvious the family takes great pride in offering high-quality work! AutoSkinz employs highly skilled installers who know how to properly prepare the surfaces onto which the products will be applied, and how to avoid contaminating the products during the application process. Clean surfaces and clean products mean good adhesion with no bubbles! This is true whether you're having your windows tinted, or having your car covered with clear paint protection film or a colored vinyl wrap.

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