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Window Tinting / April 26, 2021

14251 E Fremont Ave
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Scottish Window Tinting came in and put their tinting on all of our hard to reach windows in our living room a couple years ago. They were an amazing company to work with, extremely professional, knowledgeable, willing to answer any questions, kind and courteous. We just had them come back and do more windows because the first set made such a dramatic impact on the heat in our living room. This time we had the bottom sets of the windows done in the living room (3 total), skipping the north facing windows, two small windows in the dining room, and all the windows in a bedroom that is always hot. After we had the top set done we could instantly tell a huge difference in heat in our living room since our home has a two story living room area and the top windows have no blinds or coverings. While our lower windows have blinds we could still tell a big difference and we are able to keep them open and let in all that beautiful natural light without having tons of heat pour in as well. We went with the 70% reduction (the highest and the darkest film) Honestly you can only tell they are tinted in the evenings because they are a little reflective so I'd recommend going with the darkest film to cut the most heat and see the most difference. It sounds a bit scary and it looks dark but once its on the windows its hardly noticeable even when next to others that aren't tinted. The difference in the hot bedroom is dramatic, we never opened the wood blinds but the heat would still come in and be trapped between the window and the blinds. That room has two small west facing windows and one larger 4-pane south facing window. This time again they sent someone out to measure our windows (we already knew we wanted the matching film) they worked with me to get everything we wanted done within our budget. I had them measure a bunch of different windows and then we ended up taking the north facing ones out of the quote. We also had them give us a quote for the sliding glass patio door which we will do at a later date. Again everyone from the sales guys to the installers were super professional, courteous, kind and amazing to work with. In our bedroom we had lots of furniture they had to work around / climb on because we couldn't move the bed anywhere and they were really sweet about it and took extra care with the furniture. We recommend them to our friends and family all the time because they are a really great company and take care of their clients. We can't wait to have them do more windows and the sliding door in the future so if you are on the fence just do it, you'll be glad you did!

We learned about Scottish Window Tinting at the Denver Home Show in early 2016. We have now used them to tint the windows on two sides of our home and at some point we'll finish a third side of the home with them. In addition to the tinting, they replaced a couple of glass panes that were cracked or had failed seals. I found the company great to work with. They are honest, reliable and know their stuff! When they say they'll be there - you can count on them to be there on time. We used the Vista 67% tint that carries a lifetime warranty, and it is perfect. We noticed a difference IMMEDIATELY in terms of the temperature in our two girls' rooms that face east, as well as a bedroom and bathroom that face south and get sun most of the day. For the first time in ten summers, our air conditioning is working efficiently and one of the boys actually said his room was cold the other day. Yayy! Five stars for these guys. Thanks to Mike and team!

We have used Scottish Window Tinting at two houses now and love it. Cuts down on the heat and saves you money on your electric bills. They are very professional and do great work. We highly recommend them!

My experience with Scottish Window Tinting has been horrible. I have not used their product or service. I called them maybe a month ago to get some information, and gave them my contact information. I did not schedule a consultation at the time. I called them back weeks later and explained that given our specific application, we needed to go with a different type of window treatment. Whoever i spoke with was extremely courteous and she actually thanked me for calling them back and explaining our situation, so that they would not continue calling me to follow up. Well.ever since then I got multiple calls. They would leave voice messages, asking me to call and set up a time for a consultation, etc. It is incredibly irritating and I wish I had never called these people to begin with. Update: I answered the phone one day a couple weeks ago and talked to "Amy", the person who I believe left most of the messages. I told her I was angry that they kept calling and PLEASE STOP - she said "Ok." and I haven't heard back. Yay!!! Hopefully I am off the list now.

Purchased a new home with a few south facing windows that I knew were going to be a problem. I found the Scottish Window Tinting site which I thought was the cleanest and most professional looking of the few I had looked at and gave them a call. Mike came out and gave us an estimate. He was very friendly, informative and honest. The price was actually quite a bit less than I had anticipated, making it all the better. Blake was then out about a week later to do the install. He moved fast and did an amazing job. Did the 70% reduction on all of our south facing windows. Everything looks great and I'm looking forward to the long-term effects!