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Made in the Shade Windows Tinting

Window Tinting / September 29, 2021

5342 Lincoln Ave
Cypress, CA 90630

I just got my second car tinted here, and as always it looks great! My last car, I had for 6 years and it never peeled or damaged! The tint still looked great and wasn't incredibly expensive like some of the other quotes!

Experience here was good. Had great customer service and tint was well done. Reason I am giving it only 3 stars is because of the type of tint they use. The dye of the tint starts to fade within two years. So if you want non-fading tint, you have to go somewhere else. It is not their fault, it is just the type of product they have.

Terrible customer service. I had my windows tinted and our passenger side window started peeling up 1 week later. We had moved and they would not pay to have it fixed or grant a partial refund... just told us "good luck" and hung up...

One word. Horrible. I haven't encounter this level of unhappy guy for a very long time. The guy was disgustingly unhappy... The guy doesn't know how to speak to people or just simply unhappy guy. I came here to see if auto glass business was open. I asked the guy in the shop if he repairs window crack. He told me the business is next door and he just left, he looked very annoyed. And I asked if he comes back, then he abruptly yelled, what part of I said you don't understand?... He's basically a nuts.

I had my windows tinted in 2012 with Tim who on a first introduction, seems like nice, easy-going guy. When I noticed some bubbling on my back windshield and a scratch on my left-side passenger window a few weeks ago, I headed over to Made in the Shade with my original invoice (he tells you to keep it to show proof of his life-time warranty) and he let me know I could bring it in next week to have a new tint job (part of his warranty) to cover the bubbles but that because of the scratch, he would have to charge me. That seemed reasonable, he told me it would be $40 to fix the scratch and bubbles. I had my car detailed a couple days prior to make sure that he would be looking good following my brand new tint job. When I dropped my car off to Tim in the morning, he was again, a nice, easy-going guy who let me know it would be a few hours. He asked me if I wanted to go darker and I replied, "I'm not sure, but I've been thinking about if I should." He told me that a lot of people like the #4 tint on the back windows and I asked about visibility to which he replied, "With older people, it's hard to see at night, but since you are young, you should be just will look good." I opted to go with the #4 on the back two passenger windows and the back windshield. I walked around for a couple hours and he called to let me know my car was ready. When I saw my windows, I was really disappointed, there were bubbles everywhere and when I pointed this out he said they would disappear. He also took the opportunity to ask if I was single or married, and remarked that my boyfriend was a lucky guy (super unprofessional). When I got home, I gave my car a closer inspection and noticed that I still had a scratch on my passenger-side window tint that appeared like a knick from a blade. The bubbles were still rampant and there was also some hair trapped between the tint and the window. I called Tim and told him about the scratch and he let me know to just bring it in again and he would fix it. Over the week of driving with the #4 tint, I realized that it was TOO dark. I couldn't see anything when backing up at night and cars headlights looked like faint orbs. I came to the conclusion that this was dangerous for me personally and to ask him to please change it back to the way it was before. When I took my car back to Tim, I showed him the scratch, the bubbles and the hair. He told me he would fix it (the scratch) no problem. Here is the part that made me frustrated: I paid $40 for him to redo the tint because of the scratch, yet here I am again with another scratch across the tint, yet this time I have a tint that I can not see out of at night. I let him know that the tint was so dark, I had the scratch still, I have bubbles on each back-side passenger window and back windshield, and now I have hair trapped between the tint. He said he would change the back windshield to a lighter tint for $25 and I wouldn't find a better price anywhere else. That he can't help the fact that my car has dog hair's beyond his control to put a tint on without hair if there is already hair there (I had just had my car detailed a couple days prior, so no dog hair). I was disappointed and wished I had never brought it back to be re-tinted because the troubles only doubled (can't see, more bubbles, and hair between the tint). He became vehement in his character and upset that customers "always take his words and twist them into what they want to hear, " and that if he "had a video recording of our conversation"...