When is the Best Time to Tint Car Windows?

How to Tint Windows on a Car?

Window Tinting / November 6, 2016

City officials are calling on Gov. Andrew Cuomo to let in the light so bad guys can’t hide behind tinted windows.

Mayor Bill de Blasio, Police Commissioner James O’Neill and other state and city officials called on Cuomo to sign legislation that would require inspection centers to fail vehicle’s with windows that are more than 30% tinted.

Right now, criminals with weapons can hide behind tinted windows when cops stop them, de Blasio said.

“This bill will end that reality, ” he said. “It will make sure that these tinted windows are addressed at the most important point each year where we can solve this problem – during the annual inspection.”

Timoshenko’s partner Sgt. Herman Yan said the two cops couldn’t see inside the SUV when they approached it after determining the vehicle had the wrong license plate on it.

“Well, we pulled over the car for a traffic violation, and it happened at 2 o’clock in the morning, ” Yan said. “As we … approached the car we really couldn’t see how many occupants were actually inside the car. So, this legislation would help that, so it would give us a sense of how many people were inside the car.”

Before the cops got to the front of the SUV, Dexter Bostic, 34, opened fire from the passenger’s seat with an illegal .45 caliber handgun, hitting Timoshenko in the face and throat. He died in the hospital five days later.

Robert Ellis, 34, shot Yan with a 9mm handgun, hitting him in the arm and chest. Yan was saved by his ballistic vest and returned fire.

Cuomo vetoed the bill in 2012, calling it an unfunded mandate that would require inspection centers to shell out money.

The meters can be bought for about $100 to $200, officials said.

A Cuomo spokeswoman said the governor plans to sign the bill.

“We always intended to sign this legislation and would have been glad to tell the city if they’d just asked us – no need to grandstand, ” the spokeswoman said.

The mayor’s office shot back that the bill is five years old.

“Nearly five years and one veto later, we’re glad the governor is ready to protect our police by taking illegal vehicles off the street, ” spokesman Austin Finan said in an email.

But a police source said the bill should be vetoed because it will make it easy to identify undercover cops.

Source: nypost.com