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How to Strip Tint off Car Windows?

Window Tinting / March 3, 2021

Window tinting is the application of film to the inside or your vehicle’s windows. Solar heat rejection, privacy, and glare reduction are just some of the benefits to having your windows tinted. At Goldwing Autocare, our trained window tint professionals are able to apply window tint to the side and back windows, sunroof and to the top of your windshield. We tint using only high-performance XPEL Prime window tint film.

XPEL has long been an industry leader in automotive protective film with XPEL Ultimate and XPEL Stealth. We’ve been installing their paint protection films for years and have always been impressed with the quality and craftsmanship; their latest line of window tint film is no exception. XPEL Prime window tint film touts fantastic heat rejection properties and is backed by a lifetime warranty that protects against any bubbling, peeling, or discolouration making it our #1 film for window tinting.

At Goldwing Autocare, we offer two types of window films for tinting from XPEL; Prime CS (colour-stable) and Prime XR (ceramic).

To ensure the installation of your window tint is as clean as possible, Goldwing Autocare has four dedicated window tinting bays, allowing us to give you the highest quality finished product possible. Goldwing Autocare has over 20 years of window tinting experience with a reputation that is second to none in the Greater Ottawa area.

The value of an automotive window tinting job is 50% in the product and 50% in the installation. At Goldwing Autocare, we only use premium films and we lead the industry in Ottawa with the highest installation standards possible. Proper installation of window film is an art form, with the installer being the artist. To ensure your window tint is done correctly in the first time, make sure you choose Goldwing Autocare for window tinting your car, truck, or SUV.

If you already have window tinting that you’re looking to have replaced, we use a proprietary steaming system to safely strip existing tint film off of your vehicle’s windows and can then install new window film.