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Does Tinted Windows Reduce Heat

Window Tinting / February 16, 2016


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Originally Posted by f_m

Yes they help, but it depends on what kind of film. The film reduces the amount of heat that goes into the car, so over any given time the heat is lower than without tint. But the kind of tint matters, since some will have UV/IR filtering and some kinds won't, or the level of filtering will be different. Similar to home windows, you want to block all the UV and IR range, since it's not visible and only creates heat, and some of the visible range, which is the light and also has some heat.

Thanks this answers the question well. Better than deepcynic did.
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Its definely more than preceived IMO.Eye contact loss?

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I recently had "limo" tint put on our minivan (Mazda 5), and on the front windows, you can barely see in the car from the outside on sunny days (on cloudy days, it's impossible to see in). Technically I could get a ticket for it, but I haven't had any problems yet (the guy doing the tint even informed me, "you're not supposed to have it, but I'll do it if you want"). The difference in temperature is drastic and noticeable.

Eventually the car can get as hot as it would without the tint, but it takes much, much longer.

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Originally Posted by deepcynic Well, it is just a 'no-brainer' that if you tint the windows it will block out some of the sun...

thus a cooler interior.

I still don't get why the question was even asked.

Because I have compared and contrasted two identical vehicles, one with tint and one without, and can't tell a difference in interior temperature when left out in the sun. And so other than the fact it helps keep people from seeing what's in your car from a distance, I wanted to see if anyone else noticed a difference in interior heat on a hot summer day with tinted windows versus without.