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Window Tinting / September 23, 2021

100 Gentry Way
Ste A1
Reno, NV 89502

They did a great job on my car. I'm very pleased with the work and customer service, this was my second car done by them. Thanks guys Sincerely, Cher H.

Had them install tint on both of my vehicles and other vinyl work. They consistently do amazing work. There is a reason the auto dealer in town use them for aftermarket accessories installs.

If a guy has given you somewhere in the vicinity of $3000 + in the last couple of years, you might at least clean the the birdsh*t off his brand new car! This place has really gotten poor in terms of customer service in the last couple of years. Their attention to detail has really slipped, too. Let the Buyer beware!

Took my Corvette in for a tint job, and I was so excited to finally have it done. Went in on my birthday as a birthday present to myself. The job was done in a couple hours and upon receiving it back and giving it a close inspection, saw that some of my belt molding along the bottom of my windows were cut, as well as a razor blade scratch in the black border of my rear window. They weren't huge issues and honestly I couldn't put up a huge fuss about it. The tint had bubbles and imperfections on the rear window from the very beginning, to which they promised would dissipate as the tint cured for a week. I waited two weeks and the tint still had bubbles and contamination. By this time, the tint was beginning to pinch and bind where the hinges for my rear window attach. I took it back again and they said they could fix it but I need another appointment to redo it. But this entire time, the tech kept insisting that "OH THIS IS THE BEST TINT YOULL GET ON A CORVETTE, TAKE IT ANYWHERE AND THEYLL AGREE THAT THIS IS A QUALITY JOB BLAH BLAH BLAH. Practically jerking themselves off. Whatever, no big deal. The quality was disappointing and I understand that tint jobs will never be perfect. Didn't care enough about it (at that point) to bother them. Fast forward to a month later and the tint on the drivers window gets caught on the door panel and peels off as I rolled the window down. This time, I truly needed it redone. I make an appointment to drop it off and have them fix it and redo the driver window and the rear hatch, which had got even worse by this time. They agreed to fix it, we shook hands, and I went on my way to let them work on it. I wait the full day as I know the rear window is not the easiest shape in the world and I wanted them to take their time. I drop the car off at 9 and pick it up an hour before they closed at 5, only to find they didn't touch the rear window whatsoever, saying it was MY fault the tint on the rear window is pinched and that I would have to PAY THEM to redo it. Not even considering the other dust and imperfections, again insisting that there's nothing else wrong with it. I left pissed, felt like I was doubletalked the entire time, and spun my wheels out of their parking lot. CCR, I'm sure you'll be glad to know you'll never have to touch my vehicle again, because you had several chances to make it right. I don't want you damaging my vehicle any further. Just going to swallow my $200 and chock it up as a life lesson.