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Custom Windows Tint Design

Window Tinting / November 9, 2016

Now, You Can Decorate Your Home & Office With Custom Window Film.
Decorate Windows and Glass Doors With Your Art, Logo And Photos or Have A Wallpaper For Windows Design Customized.

Our new custom print service will make high quality prints of your art onto Wallpaper For Windows clear or privacy film. A great way to decorate glass doors, windows, showers and mirrors with a custom look.

These custom window film prints add privacy and possess the luminous qualities of frosted and stained glass. You will love the look of your art as it interacts with light passing through the glass. Strong and bright colors are strong and bright, soft tones and colors are soft and beautifully reproduced. (Looks the same from inside and outside.)

All reproductions are made using our 'Giclee For Glass" printing technology and adhesive-free translucent film. These proprietary inks and substrates have been developed by Wallpaper For Windows for decorating glass and will look great for years.

Print sizes range from 12 x 16 inches to as large as 4ft x 8ft. (High quality prints require high quality images. Maximum print size is determined by type and quality of file submitted.)

This Wallpaper For Windows film has a translucent privacy that doesn't darken the room. (Artwork with dark colors can reduce the amount of light entering the room.) The film filters UV rays and is adhesive-free, so it is easy to apply, easy to remove and can be reapplied many times.

Customize a Wallpaper For Windows design for your window or glass door.

You can also have a Wallpaper For Windows design modified or customized.

Customizing service includes re-sizing/scaling designs, fitting/trimming designs for door ovals and arched windows, some color changes and orienting designs for multiple panes and windows.
Contact the Wallpaper For Windows office at 800-320-8439 for more info.

Custom Window Film Using Your Art

If you have print-ready art or art, logo's, photo's that you want printed on window film but which need to be resized / customized before printing, we offer 2 options.
A do-it-yourself option at our sister site DecoStat.com (link opens in a new window) and a full-service option here on Wallpaper For Windows.
DecoStat is the worlds only made-to-order, custom window film site with a design studio and pricing calculated by the amount of film used.
For those that need a little more support, use the link below to upload your art files and in the comments area let us know the size that you want it printed. Please include any other information needed to understand your project and we will provide you with an estimate.To Upload Your Art Files click here

Source: www.wallpaperforwindows.com