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Window Tinting / June 15, 2018

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Car Tinting Cabramatta West by Exclusive

Car tinting Cabramatta West by Exclusive service has been around for many years and have built a good name in a very competitive industry. We are so passionate about our car tinting that we strive to make all our customers happy with our high-quality work. All our car tinting films are made in the US and they are backed with a lifetime warranty by the manufacturer.

Car tinting Cabramatta West services gives the people in the area a chance to have a quality window tinting service that guarantees you wont get purple or bubbled windows that you get using other places which claim they've been around for 20 or more years providing this kind of service and giving the industry a bad reputation.

We use car tinting films that are made of a high end sputtered metal construction that wont ever turn purple or bubble and they are radio friendly and wont affect GPS signals. Don't let them fool you by saying they use carbon film which is a fancy name for a non metal film and that it wont affect your radio or GPS signals, they say this because they don't want to spend the extra money to buy the metal film so they can make more profit. Let us do your car tinting right the first time.

When our window film is applied to a cars glass up to 80% of the solar heat can be blocked out. The metals within the film, act as a solar heat barrier by either absorbing or reflecting alot of the heat from getting through your cars glass. Dyed films contain no metal and are non-reflective because they absorb the heat from the sun. They are not as effective in rejecting heat and light because they don't provide any solar rejection. Metal films provide much better heat rejection. Our metal films do a better job of solar control since their metal construction properties control both heat and light from passing through your car glass windows.

Car Tinting in Cabramatta West with 100% satisfaction guarantee

If you love your car and are after quality tinted windows you can be confident with the car tinting Cabramatta West experts. With so many years of experience we know what our customers need. We offer many shades to choose from and we carry a few different brands to suit most budgets. We have taken car tinting to another level with our unique style of window film application. We are the first to add videos on our website so customers can see us in the art of car tinting.

Mobile car window tinting Cabramatta West service

We offer a mobile car window tinting Cabramatta West service and you need somewhere indoors that has good lighting and a power point to run our tools a double garage is ideal for this service. Car tinting needs to be done in a good clean indoor environment to get a good result if you don't have a place we can supply you with one. This mobile service does not apply to any European cars as they need more time and attention and need to be brought to our garage location.