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Car Windows Tinting Sunshine Coast

Window Tinting / March 1, 2020

pichm_newAuto-glass tint for window darkening is essential in our Sunshine Coast climate. It keeps you more comfortable, protects the interior of your car and improves the presentation your vehicle.

At Sunshine Coast Windscreens and Glass Tinting, we install the highest quality window films. They block 99% of UV rays and reflect up to 78% of the sun’s heat.

We can tint the windows of your car, 4WD, truck, bus – even your boat or tractor!

Unlike some operations, at Sunshine Coast Windscreens and Glass Tinting all car window tinting is carried out in our workshop’s custom-built booth. The booth creates controlled conditions to ensure no dust or airborne particles lodge under your tint. This system of installation achieves a high quality tint job, reducing flaws such as air bubbles and increasing the lifespan of your tint.

Home/Office Glass Tinting

Sunshine Coast Windscreens and Glass Tinting also offers window tinting for your home, office or business premises. This can bring a host of benefits, such as glare and heat reduction, increased privacy, reduced cooling/heating costs or creating the right look for architectural features.

Glass tinting is much more economical than purchasing opaque or coloured glass, and is more cost effective than replacing or infilling windows. It can also be used to effectively define space and privacy in open plan work areas.

The experienced team at Sunshine Coast Windscreens and Glass Tinting know their stuff. Brief us on what you’re trying to achieve and we can provide and install the best product for your home, office or business.

Source: sunshinecoastwindscreens.com.au