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Window Tinting / October 25, 2016

2179 Cheshire Bridge Rd
Atlanta, GA 30324
(770) 403-1879

Went to this location on Monday and Tuesday and it looks like it is been condemned or they definitely no longer do business there.

I wanted to give 5-stars but unfortunately my experience wasn't as I had hope. Good notes; I was able to get my car tinted the same day I called. The price was very reasonable at $161 for 4 windows and the rear glass. Overall quality and timeliness was also as expected. My reason for 2-stars was due to the lack of attention to detail. I was made aware of the technique used for fitting the rear glass tint by another technician - this is done by laying the film on the outside of the glass and heating with a heat gun to mold the film to the window. When I received my car I noticed many MANY scratches on the rear quarter panels that would be indicative of an extension cable (assuming connected to the heat gun) being dragged up and down the side of my car. Not happy and there's nothing I can do other than wet sand it or wax it to the best of my ability. This was a car with 200 miles on it, brand new, and hadn't seen it's first wash. I have no doubt that the scratches are related to the tinting procedure. Update! After reading the reply from Buckhead Window Tinting below, I was shocked to disbelief. The 2-stars I had previously given this guy has since been reduced to 1. Furthermore, these guys can't step up to the plate and own up to their mistakes. Terrible. To further identify the location of this place; it's in the backside of the old Dodge/Chrysler dealership next to Bones on Piedmont Road in Buckhead. There's a Porsche speed shop being ran out of one side of the place by some 80's greaser with a cocky attitude and a crappy waiting room. Once the car is complete, the customer gets to walk through the Porsche shop to a driveway that splits another building. In this other building, I swear it looks like a chop shop. Who knows what they're doing back there. The owner says below to go to their site to look at photos. Well, the first 3 photos (Kimbrel, Beachy, & R8) are the exact location that my car was parked when I picked it up and the dude pointing fingers was my installer. Pointing fingers at everyone else but yourself. Own up dude!

I have been meaning to get my car's windows tinted and I wanted a superb job. I had done a LOT of research and compiled a list of questions that had been recommended to me to ask. Buckhead Window Tinting was the first place I called and the man who answered was extremely gruff and unprofessional. My first question was how long the company had been in business (which is an entirely legitimate question for anyone making sure this is a legitimate and respected company) and he replied with "what's that got to do with window tinting?" I was nothing but polite and patient and called me sarcastic and then hung up on me. He also didn't seem to really know his stuff and I think he was just telling me what I wanted to hear. He also had trouble enunciating and I couldn't hear everything he was saying and he kept telling me to "hold on" without apologizing for the wait or anything. If they treat you with such disrespect when you are making legitimate and well informed inquiries about their business and quality of services.just how well do you think they'll treat you if you come back with a problem? I've never met anyone who answered phones from a potential PAYING CUSTOMER with such appalling manners. I'm signing up for a yelp account JUST to warn future customers against this business. I will be trying to get in contact with the managerial staff or owner of this establishment in hopes of improving their employee training standards.

I had a car detail scheduled 3 times with these people! The first two times, they never came. The second time, they came and the generator didn't work so they couldn't do anything. I called the owner for 2 weeks and he never called me back. The staff told me that the owner wouldn't call me back because he is running in debt and can't run a business. The staff even told me to go elsewhere! I had a coupon voucher and since they NEVER did my car, I called halfoffdepot and got a return. This business is a joke! DO NOT TRY TO USE THEM. Your car will be dirty and they will have your money.