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Windows Tinting Removal

Remove / October 5, 2017

188 Old County Rd
Belmont, CA 94002
(650) 631-0559

Very good service . Had the panoramic sunroof tinted on my Audi A5. The had to cut a special template. Did while I waited. Took about an hour and a half. Cost $150.00. Definitely blocks the sun and heat which the Audi Screen does not. They also have some snacks there, including an Italian Lemonada which is very good. Highly recommend.

Mike did our new car a few months ago. We had the back windows, and rear window done. He did an excellent job. We were very happy with the results, so much so, that I made an appointment to bring our old car to Auto Image for the same treatment.

Great shop, lives up to its 5-star rating. I originally had an appointment for mid-December, but was able to take my car in early-November because they had a cancellation. Score! Jeff helped me with picking out the tint, and didn't try to push me towards a more expensive product. I chose 50/20% 3M tint for my front and back windows, as well as clear 3M crystalline for the front for UV protection and to help keep my black car a little cooler. The end result was perfect. Not a single bubble or speck of dust that I can find. There are lower prices out there, but IMO its worth it to come here and have peace of mind that everything will be done right.

Great customer service, fair price for GREAT quality work, and in record time! My tinted windows came out awesome. I would highly recommend this shop for anyone looking to have their windows tinted, this is my 3rd car they've done for me.

Very professional, they listen you talk. The options are very easy to figure out, I would recommend this to anyone. Cheers!

I'm just going to say, I sold my Accord a few weeks ago, this is a little over 9 years after I had the car window tint put in. I accidentally had a few things scratches the passenger rear windows over the years, but nothing serious. Overall the tint has held up very very well, there were no flaws with the tint aside from my minor scratches that are hard to notice, and that was totally my fault. There was no peeling, no separation for the 9 years I had the car after the tint was applied, not even around the small scratches. Overall I can say I was very satisfied with the window tint and how it held up over the entire 9 years, I'm not sure how it will handle in the future, but if the first 9 years are any indication the window tint will hold up well for long into the future.

I got my new car tinted almost as soon as I took delivery of it, and could not be happier with the results. The experience was a breeze, and Jeff and crew even had the job done in less time than he estimated - delivered with zero imperfections. That was five years ago. I could not be a happier proponent of how well the tint has held up the entire time, and am still amazed by how clean and razor sharp the edges are. Their attention to detail and meticulous work paid off when I realized that it still looks perfect, all these years later. Highly recommended not only for excellent service but longevity as well!

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