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Removing Tint Glue From Rear Windows

Remove / January 23, 2016

Want to remove the
old tint yourself?


In the following paragraph we will explain how to remove the old tint from a car. Removing old tint can be a tedious and labor intensive job; and if it is not done correctly can still result in additional charges and possible damage to your vehicle. Proceed with caution and at your own risk. A Better Tint will not accept any responsibility for any damage you do to your vehicle.

How To:

Doors: This is the easy part. Most door glass windows can be scraped using a razor blade. Make sure to have a box of blades handy as you will need several per window. Also it is not a bad idea to invest in a good locking scraper. Usually found at hardware stores and they have a gold button in the middle. Start with the window in a partially down position. Use the edge of the razor blade to lift an edge of the tint. Grab the tint and pull away from window. If the tint tears start a new edge and repeat. Once you have removed the tint it will most likely leave the adhesive residue. Spray the window with soapy water. Start with a new blade and using long even smooth strokes start to scrape the window. Pay particular attention to the edges this is where the glue will hide and will cost you $$$ if you miss it. Keeping the window wet at all times continue scraping until all glue is gone. If your blades starts missing spots of glue get a new blade. Once you have this portion of the window clean roll the window up and repeat procedure on the lower portion. Pay close attention when scraping the bottom edge where the door felt is glue hides here and also you font want to damage the rubber piece. This same procedure can be used on most side windows including the small triangle windows commonly referred to as vent windows.

Back glass: Ok so here’s where it gets tricky. If you’re vehicle is equipped with a rear defroster or built in antenna it is highly recommended that you leave this to the professionals. There are several methods for removing tint from the back glass. We are only going to cover the easiest method here. If you google window tint removal you can find other methods but this one works the best in 99% of situations. Take a large black plastic trash bag and cut off the bottom sealed portion and then split the bag down one side. We are going to make a pattern of our back glass using this trash bag. Spray the back glass with soapy water and lay out the trash bag as flat as possible on the window. Using scissors cut the bag to the rough shape of the glass. Note that the window on most vehicles is going to hav a black border around it. We want to cut to that black borders edge away from the car. Now using simple green or 409 spray the inside of the back window thoroughly and place the trash bag pattern inside against the glass trapping the spray. Make sue to flatten out the bag as much as possible, we don’t want to get the spray out we just don’t want big air bubbles. Now we want to park the vehicle with back window facing the sun. Let the film soak for about 15 minutes. At this point carefully pull back the trash bag and reapply your soaking solution. Let it sit in the sun for about 10-15 minutes longer. At this point your film should be ready to peel. Starting in the top corner peel back just a little bit of the trash bag and use your finger nail to peel the edge of the tint. Now that you have an edge started look closely at the corner. If if looks clear then proceed. If it appears hazy or it looks like the tint is leaving tint STOP. Most film is 2 ply and you could be leaving that 2nd layer which is almost impossible to get off by itself. Resoak, resit and retry. If your window is clear then gently peel the film away making sure to keep the trash bag on. After to film is peeled it may leave adhesive residue which will need to cleaned thoroughly before new tint can be applied again with your soaking solution wet the window and scrub using super fine steel wool or a plastic kitchen pot scrubber. (DO NOT USE COARSE STEEL WOOL OR THOSE GREEN KITCHEN SCRUB PADS)

Final: Please go back and make sure you did not leave any glue or tint on any windows. Pay special close attention to the edges and dotted areas on all windows. Failure to clean the vehicle can result in poor application of new tint and can potentially cost you money. In most cases if you don’t do the job right you are not going to save any money which would be a bummer after spending 8 hours in a hot garage so please if you are going to attempt this be as thorough as possible.

Source: abettertint.com