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Remove Rear Windows Tint

Remove / August 26, 2018

You can easily remove tint from windows. It does take some special tools, supplies and knowledge. You can also easily have any glass changed out. Windscreens are replaced regularly because of chips and cracks. Most times tint is scraped off with a razor blade type tool and any hard to reach places, you just need to be carefull to not scratch the glass. Some people install tint incorrectly on rear glass that has a heating element installed on it and install the tint over the element. This usually renders the element unusable because you have to remove it along with the tint. You can purchase a new heating element and re-install it after you remove the tint, but it may be easier to just get a different rear glass. Most windshields are installed with liquid urethane applied with a caulk gun tool and held in place with place holders and tape until the urethane sets up. Some older models still use a gasket around the glass. Many mechanics use liquid soap to help install these type of gaskets.

Source: www.quora.com