Window Tint Removed from BMW 335i

Removal of Windows Tint

Remove / May 23, 2017

New Hampshire law, RSA 266:58-a, allows a vehicle to have aftermarket tinting on windows to the rear of the driver, as long as the light transmittance is not less than 35%. This law also allows persons who require after market tinting on the windshield and on the windows on either side of the driver for medical reasons, as outlined in Administrative Rule Saf-C 2500. This waiver does not allow tinting that is less than 35% light transmittance.

Application Process

Pursuant Saf-C 2500, persons wishing to apply for Tinted Window Medical Waiver must submit an application dated within six (6) months, along with photocopies of the vehicle(s) registration that require tinting. The applicant is allowed to have up to two (2) vehicles listed on the waiver. This information may be faxed to the DMV at (603) 271-7800, or mailed to:

NH Dept. of Safety
DMV - Director's Office
23 Hazen Drive
Concord NH 03305

Once the application is approved, a waiver is granted for two years. To renew a Tinted Window Medical Waiver, a new application signed by the physician within 6 months of submitting the application must be sent in, along with a photocopy of the vehicle(s) registrations.