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Removable Windows Tint Home

Remove / October 25, 2018

This film is slightly thicker, goes on more quickly and easily, and offers high heat rejection. The static cling design allows it to be removed in seconds and be reused again and again. Those in highly seasonal climates can remove this Heat Control film during the winter months and reinstall the following year. This Home Depot exclusive allows you to bask in natural light without overheating, squinting or worrying about UV rays.

  • Heat rejection: Helps block incoming heat from the sun, improving comfort and reducing cooling costs

  • Glare reduction: Reduces incoming glare on televisions and monitors

  • UV protection: UV protection helps reduce fading on flooring, furniture, portraits, blinds and draperies

  • Aesthetics: Transparent metallic gray

  • Can be cut to fit any window; typically applied to the interior window surface

  • Static cling design for easy installation, repositioning, removal and reuse; instructions included

  • For best results use the Gila complete window film application kit

Source: www.homedepot.com