How To: Remove Window Tint -- The Easy Way!

How to remove Windows Tinting?

Remove / October 7, 2018

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Let’s talk about removing window tint film from your car windows. As a new car buyer or even a car owner there are definitely many things to take into consideration. A new car buyer or a car owner that takes pride the look and appeal of his or her car will want to think about things to possibly add to the car to increase its aesthetic appeal. Everything from the color, rims and body of the vehicle can make a huge impact on how great a car looks. can definitely have a positive effect on the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle.

Car owner’s that already have a knack for making their car look its best may already have tinting on their windows. Unfortunately, over time, window tinting car be affected by temperature and weather changes. As a result, if a car already has had tinting for a while, it may be starting to crack or peel. New window tinting can add a sophisticated, mysterious look to a car. It can also add privacy and a new look to a person’s daily commute. However, peeling or cracking tinting can dramatically decrease the look and appeal of any car. A car owner should no longer drive around with damaged window tinting. A car owner deserves a car that looks good and makes him or her feel as good as possible. A car is one of the biggest purchases a person makes in his or her lifetime besides a house. Removing window tint film is another option, if he or she no longer wants it on their car.

A car owner with a busy schedule has a much more challenging time getting to appointments. Car owners on a tight budget are typically more concerned about saving money and how expensive any service is. It is good to know that typically, if removing window tint film from a car can cost between $100 and $175. While this price is pretty fair, there are also ways to do-it-yourself that can help save money and time. While some people may not fully trust do-it-yourself techniques or feel that they can effectively execute them, it is good to know that the steps below are easy to follow and the process is incredibly affordable.

  • First of all, begin by cleaning the outside of the window that has peeling tinting or is the window where the unwanted tinting is.
  • Next, get a black garbage bag and place it on top of the window. Fit it to size of the window you just washed. With an exacto knife or a pair of scissors cut the bag so that it fits perfectly on the window.
  • After that has been completed, go inside the car. Lay a towel over the back seat of the car so that it is protected. Take a bottle of and spray it on the inside of the window that was just washed. While spraying the inside of the window, make sure it is completely soaked.
  • Once that step is completed, remove the bag from the outside of the window carefully without tearing or ripping it. The bag will need to be relocated on the inside of the window that was just soaked. Press it to the inside of the window so that it is smoothly and bubble free.
  • Be sure that the car is parked in the direct sunlight and follow the steps on a warm sunny day. Allow the window to bake and heat up in the sun.
  • After the window is completely dry, pull the bag off the window and it should pull the tinting off the window at the same time.

If a car owner is on a budget or likes to accomplish tasks on his or her own, this is a really great way to remove any damaged, peeling, and cracking tinting from the windows. Once the damaged or unwanted tinting is removed from the car, there will be an instant improvement to the look of the car that other people will see immediately.

It is easy to understand how to remove window tint from a car. It is important to take time to share these great tips with all friends and loved ones. Sharing this new knowledge can help them save money and the hassle of having to schedule and get to an appointment also. This new information and do-it-yourself easy to follow steps will help car owners maintain the look and appeal of their car.