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How to remove Windows Tint Hair Dryers?

Remove / February 13, 2016

  • How to Get the Crease Out of Window Tint

Applying tint to your windows is a lengthy process that requires a number of tools and leaves lots of room for mistakes.

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Auto body work can be expensive, and waiting to get your car back from the shop is a pain. A minor dent...

  • How to Remove Automotive Dents with an Air Duster and a Hair Dryer

Automotive dents can be eyesores, and having dents removed can be an expensive process. To make matters worse, many dent removal techniques...

  • How to Remove a Dent with a Hair Dryer

Car dents aren't only unsightly reminders of an accident. They can also bring about further damage. A dent that exposes a metal...

  • How to Get Rid of Bubbles in Tint

Bubbling is a common problem on do-it-yourself window tint. The bubbles appear over time from age as the tint strips' glue weakens.

  • How to Remove the Tint From Your Windows

If you have peeling tint on the side windows of your car and just want to remove it, you don't need to...