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How to remove Tint on Car Windows?

Remove / May 17, 2019

Mohammad Aburumuh, owner of Soundmaster Tint & Alarm in San Antonio says he typically charges $25 to $50 per window, but offers discounts for tinting the entire car, which typically takes about two hours for a standard car and longer for larger vehicles.

A basic tint for an average-sized car using standard film may cost $99 for the entire vehicle. Using higher quality tint costs between $199 to $400 for the entire vehicle, depending on several factors, Aburumuh says.

“That’s the price for heat rejecter tints, ” Aburumuh says. “The more heat rejecters it has, the price goes up.” Aburumuh adds that the most common request he gets is from customers wanting just the front two windows tinted.

Brian Brown, owner of Exclusive Detail And Tint in Charlotte, North Carolina, says his prices range from $120 for a small pickup to $380 for vans. He says prices vary depending on the type of vehicle, how many windows it has and whether dyed, metalized or ceramic tint is used.

Williamson, meanwhile, says he offers two types of tint — high performance, which is a color-dyed tint with metal in it, or color stable, which has no metal, offers high heat rejection, and isn’t supposed to fade.

He typically charges $150 per car for the colored dyed tint and $240 for the color stable tint, with prices going up slightly for midsize and large SUVs. If you don’t want the entire car tinted, he charges $25 for the visor strip on the front windshield and $60 for the front two windows.

According to Cost Helper, prices range rather drastically. Window tinting can cost $50 to $600 for using standard, non-reflective tint and $100 to $800 for high-performance ceramic, carbon, metallic and colored tints.