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How to remove Tint From Windows?

Remove / June 9, 2018

Henrietta, N.Y. —

Jay Bernunzio owns the Tint Shop on West Henrietta Road and has been in business for 22 years.

On Monday, he learned that under state law, auto repair shops must now measure window tinting during state inspections.

"Kind of astounded, " Jay Bernunzio told 13WHAM News. "I do not think New York State really realized the law they put into effect."

The windshield and two front windows must allow 70 percent of light in to pass inspection.

"If they want to impose a law, I'm totally for it, " Bernunzio said.

However, he is not completely content with the choice.

"The restrictions that New York State put on it is way too heavy, " Bernunzio said. "Seventy percent light transmittance for the two front windows in a vehicle is like saran wrap. The legal limit should be about 35 percent."

Bernunzio said the law, designed to protect law enforcement officers and make people more visible to drivers, is among the most strict in the country.

"We steer customers away from dark tint anyways because of laws and safety, " Bernunzio said.

With 6, 000 customers at the Tint Shop each year, Bernunzio said the state is hurting the industry, potentially local jobs and revenue.

"It is not the tint that is necessarily the problem, " Bernunzio said.

Some car windows you can see through, but the tint is illegal. Others you cannot see through are legal due to the way the windows were manufactured.

Bernunzio said the law is confusing to both consumers and law enforcement.

The Tint Shop said they are offering free tint removal to their customers who have windows that no longer meet inspection standards.

Source: 13wham.com