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Easiest way to remove Windows Tint

Remove / August 15, 2019

I just had the windows on my car tinted. I heard that there are some cleaners you shouldn’t use on tint. My question is: What is the best way to clean tinted windows?


Many car owners choose to customize their vehicle with after market window tint. This is especially true in warm, sunny climates. It will make your car look great and provide some protection, but when it comes time for cleaning, you will need to take special care. Many everyday cleaners and techniques will actually damage your newly darkened glass over time.

What is it?

Window tint is actually a thin film that is applied to the inside of your vehicles window. There are several different shades to choose from, but all provide some degree of shade and privacy. This thin film is a plastic material called Mylar. Some characteristics of this material are that it is prone to scratching or tearing, and can fade over time if ammonia is used on it.

The most important thing to remember when cleaning this stuff is to avoid using any window cleaner with ammonia in it. This includes Windex and many other popular brands. After extended use, the ammonia will cause your windows to appear purple, and cause the film to weaken and become brittle. These traditional sprays also release tons of toxic fumes that are harmful if inhaled. It’s not really recommended to use in any enclosed area, and that would definitely include your vehicle. For these reasons, if you want to clean with something that is safe for you and your tint, you will need to use something different than your standard blue spray.

You have a few options when choosing effective and safe methods of cleaning. You can always run out to the auto parts store and buy a specialized spray that’s designed for tint and carries an expensive price tag. This method will probably work, but many of these fancy products are not that effective, cost extra, and are only good for this job and nothing else. Another method would be to use some homemade solution involving vinegar, mild soap or both. This can be effective too, but can also be extremely time consuming. If you don’t get the mixture correct, you could be trying to clean soap bubbles off your windows for a while. Soap can also leave a sticky residue which only attracts more dirt. Also, unless you are using newspaper, you run the risk of leaving behind lint when you wipe, and streaking is all but guaranteed.

Is there an easy way?

Of course there is. The easiest way to clean tinted windows is also the easiest way to clean any glass in your home, office or vehicle, regardless of what’s applied to it. The ultimate window cloth allows you to clean any glass surface without chemicals, so it’s totally safe for tint. All you need is water to remove 99% of all dirt, dust, smudges, germs and more from your windows. This incredible cloth combines the cleaning power of microfiber with the absorption ability of a shammy. It has a two-sided design, and will leave your glass clean, streak-free, lint-free and polished.

How To Use It:

One side is made from microfiber so it is great for cleaning, while the other side is made of synthetic chamois material, so it is great for drying and polishing.

  1. To clean your windows all you have to do is get the cloth damp and wipe away. Wet under the faucet with regular water, then wring out until it is left damp.
  2. Wipe with the green side to clean and remove build-up. For best results, use one continuous motion, and work from one side to the other. All fingerprints, dog nose prints, dirt and other grime will lift off with ease, and you will be posing no risk to the material.
  3. To dry to a spot-free finish, simply flip it over and use the shammy side to dry and buff to a polished, lint and streak-free shine. You don’t need a separate dry cloth because when damp, the orange side actually soaks up moisture better.
  4. Use this side in one continuous direction as well, and any residual wetness will be eliminated quickly to give your windows a professional look.
  5. Once finished simply toss in the laundry for washing. Each one can be cleaned hundreds of times prior to replacement.

This cloth is totally reusable and washable. Use it over and over for sparkling windows, mirrors, chrome, and more. Its dual sided design provides for unmatched cleaning power and drying ability. This amazing little cloth will allow you to clean sensitive surfaces with just water as a detergent. That’s right. No more window cleaner. Just add water to get your glass clearer than ever, and without a chemical residue or any kind of streaking or lint. And you certainly don’t run the risk of turning your windows purple. This is an incredibly simple and inexpensive way to ensure you always have the best looking surface possible. Just pay one low price to clean hundreds of times.