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Can you remove Windows Tint?

Remove / April 11, 2017

Removing window tinting is something that must be done with caution and care, to ensure that no damage occurs to the glass surface or any electronic components nearby.

How To Remove Window Tinting

While there are many DIY guides that suggest removing old window tint by yourself, it’s always better to get this done by professionals; and this is for many reasons:

  • Tools and skill required to remove old film properly – depending on your car’s windows, you may need special tools to remove film from those hard to reach corners. Attempting to remove window film without such tools could lead to damage to your car’s glass and even interior surfaces.
  • Ensuring no sticky residue is left behind – removing your old window tint film improperly could leave the sticky residue of the film behind. This makes the surface of the glass unsuitable for new film and may require specialised cleaning chemicals or compounds to remove properly.
  • Special discounts for recycling old film – Tint a Car buys back your old window film, and this could give you considerable savings off your new tint. Having your tint removed by our professionals could actually save you money!

Head into your local Tint a Car store for more information. Our team is more than happy to assess your individual circumstances and offer expert advice, tips and could even suggest car window tinting film options for your lifestyle.

Replacing Car Window Tint

We offer a wide range of car window tints that can replace damaged tint and last you well into the future. Our options include:

Replacing Home Window Tint