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The vista line has a bit of a green to it when you go darker on the tint.

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I was on the inside of her house when I thought "toooo dark" ...

Actually my info thing says 53 reduction on the ceramic 40.

Anyway, not trying to be argumentative.

Let me ask the question one other way.

How many people (after install) say "ewww, too dark ..." for the ceramic 30 versus say "ewww too light" ... for the ceramic 40.

It's hard for me to judge based on the samples I have. Without full living color, it's better for me to use your large-sample frequency data (experiences of many people over time and situations).

Many thanks.

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What is you opinion about GILA films sold in big box stores? I'm planning on tinting few of the windows in my house. I’m at Houston, Texas.

I looked up some of the brands you suggested, but all of them say about 40-55% heat reduction, but GILA claims to have 70% heat reduction. Please share any information you may have RE: GILA films.

Thanks for your time and information.

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I got huper optik 30 and it's fabulous, absoulutely fabulous. Calms in the inside of my house perfectly. Not too dark inside (although darker looking in from the outside than i would have thought, but that's back of house, I don't care).

The front o fhte house ... going to probably do that next. Huper 40, a tad lighter for more appealing street appeal.

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Interesting discussion. Thanks for your input, talltinter.

We will probably have our double sliding doors tinted once the deck is replaced. They face east, and we are considering the west set of windows in the living room too.

The only south window we have is in the garage.

Another advantage which I presume window tinting conveys to residential, as well as auto, windows is the vastly improved shatter resistance.

Location: texas hill country

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