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Spray on Windows Tint for Home

Home / January 11, 2019

How to Apply Tint to House WindowsTinting your home windows benefits you personally and financially. Blocking sunlight from streaming into your home helps lower your cooling costs and protects window treatments. Tinted windows also reduce glare, giving you the freedom to set up your home theater or office any way you want without worrying about the glare on television or computer screens. You can hire an expensive professional to apply tint to your windows, or you can do it yourself for a fraction of the cost.

Choose the Tint

Window tint film comes in multiple tones and varying degrees of opacity, so consider both when choosing window tint for your home. Opaque film filters out more of the sun's rays and create a greater sense of privacy, but it may also hinder your view from inside the home. As you consider the color tone of the tint film, consider your home's color schemes and the view. A neutral gray tone simply cuts glare, while a tint film with a bronze shade may complement warm color schemes better. Mirrored film provides complete protection against prying eyes while allowing a shaded view of the outside.

Prepare the Windows

Wash your windows well with baby shampoo and distilled water; don't use detergent on the windows. Scrape every bit of dust out of the crevices around the window, and dry the window completely with a microfiber cloth before you begin applying the film.

Cut the Tint Film

Measure your windows precisely before cutting the window tint film. Roll the film out on a table, and mark the size of each window with locking measuring tape. Use a utility knife with a sharp razor blade or a box cutter to cut the film. Cut the film slightly larger than each window; if it's too large, you can cut the excess away.

Apply the Tint Film

To install your window tint film, fill a spray bottle with the soapy water you used to clean the windows. Determine which side of the film is the adhesive side by rubbing it with a paper towel; the side that shows swirl marks is the adhesive side. Spray the window generously with the soapy solution. Peel the liner off the window tint film's adhesive side, and don't let the film fold over and touch itself. Spray the adhesive side of the film with the soapy solution. Starting at the top of the window, gently apply the tint film to the window. Spray the film generously with the soapy solution, then use a squeegee to press out any air bubbles.

Trim and Clean the Windows

Trim away any edges of film that overlap the window frame using your utility knife. Wash the window one more time with the soapy solution, using your squeegee to push out air bubbles and remove the water, working from the center of the window to the sides. If any tiny bubbles remain, wrap a credit card in a paper coffee filter, and use it as a mini-squeegee to remove them. Let the window rest for a few days so the window tint film can cure. Any cloudiness you notice should disappear during this time.

How to Buy Window Tint Film on eBay

When you set out to buy window tint film on eBay, start by reviewing the wide array of products available. The convenient search bar at the top of every page lets you input anything from "window tint film" to "squeegee." Just click the search button to display your results. After checking out the seller's ratings and feedback, make your final purchase, and get ready to change the look of your home.