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Home / July 28, 2019

San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 867-1440

I'm writing this as Ben is here installing our window film. These guys are fantastic - prompt, friendly, competent. After coming from an awful experience with another provider (see my review on Star Glass for details), I was relieved and thrilled from the start when I received a return phone call within minutes. Ben was personable and smart, and understood instantly what I wanted - part frosted film and part anti-graffiti film. He came by a few hours later to take a look and to check my measurements, and in person he was still efficacious and easy-going. When I received the quote back the same evening via email from Ben's counterpart Maria, it was professional and detailed. Every cost was clearly split into separate materials and labor, and it wasn't missing anything. If you've ever dealt with contractors before, that is a HUGE win! One day later, Ben is back and installing our film. I could tell he was detailed oriented and exacting, carefully measuring and checking with us when he had any questions (should he remove stickers, which line exactly did we want to match, etc). Big points for being a clear communicator and reliable. I'm thrilled with our choice. After dealing with another entirely incompetent vendor for three weeks, I bailed and came here. In three DAYS we are done, for under half of the cost of the other fools. I couldn't be happier with my decision. HIGHLY recommended all around.

I decide to give this guy another chance. Ben shows up again, measures my windows... BUT even after emailing him, he never submits a written bid. Why would you show up and NOT bid? I have no clue. But you would be better served by going with a company that actually tries to earn your business.

I'm a huge fan of Bay Tint. Great work for a great value. Could not be happier.

The guy forgot about our meeting. After waiting for him for a while, I called and he came right away. He seemed really nice and knowledgeable. He apologized, looked at the windows and gave me an informal estimate. Later on, I got an email with the "official" estimate and it was quite higher. I decided to go for it anyway, but when I called they told me it wouldn't be $175 anymore, it would cost $250... Hmm. No, thanks.

Not only did they have the best rates, but the service was amazing. After calling and talking to Ben, I got a quote within minutes. He came by a couple days later to check out the project and within a week I got new anti graffiti on the windows. Ben was very easy to work with and he did a great job. Would definitely use Bay Tint again.

These guys are amazing. Reliable. Fast. Friendly. Dependable. Knowledgeable. I deal with so many vendors that give crappy service that it really makes me really appreciate SFST. I would recommend them to anyone. Get the film BEFORE you get tagged.

The service here is excellent. We needed to find a way to protect our new piano that is arriving today from those pesky harmful UV rays. We didn't want heavy drapes or shutters because those treatments are too overwhelming for our space and they just would't look cool. So we decided on tinting. Ben came over and discussed in detail the differences between the films. He came back and did the job. Perfect.

We hired Ben and the folks at Bay Tint for a very difficult job. The windows in my office downtown arched into a skylight, and on those rare warm San Francisco days, our conference rooms were turning into a sauna. Ben recommended a solar reflective tint that has provided a great deal of relief from the heat on sunny days, without making our office too dark on those far more frequent foggy days. On top of the great work, they have also been a pleasure to work with. Always friendly and helpful, always professional and courteous. As long as Ben and Maria are there, I can recommend Bay Tint to anyone who wants the best tint work in the bay area. Notice: I am not an employee of Bay Tint, have never been employed by Bay Tint, and have not been given a discount or any other form of compensation in exchange for my review. It is my unsolicited opinion.

Nice job! I'm a General Contractor and arranged with SVST for new window film to be installed for a client of mine. There were delays getting the work scheduled, due to estimate software snafus and the company being swamped with a large order, but they discounted my job to make up for this. They did an AMAZING job with windows that had three layers of incorrectly applied film on them from other installers. You can't even tell film has been applied and that's how it should look. They were very responsive and nice on the telephone. Don't hesitate to use them.

When I opened my new business I knew that Graffiti Proofing our windows was on our list. I was shocked to find how quick and easy the whole process was, thanks to Silicon Valley Shade and Tint. They promptly followed up with us with a quote and answered all the questions that we had. Ben came and applied the proofing, and it was done quickly and it was beautiful to watch. As expected, the day came when we got our first tagging on our windows. We called up Ben and he came literally the next day and reapplied our Graffiti Proofing. It looked like perfection! Silicon Valley Shade and Tint is HIGHLY recommended.

Amazing and friendly!!! If you need windows tinting etc...don't bother calling 3M or anyone else...save your time...call these guy's! Ben came out and was superb and did the job quick, clean and perfectly. To top off the whole experience they were OVER 50% cheaper than the local 3M people!!! You'd be mad not to get these guys in if you need tinting done at home.will use again if I move house for sure.. Cheers SVST!

Ben put up some privacy film on my windows a couple months ago x 2 ... He did a phenomenal job, and it did not take long at all. I love the way the privacy film filtered the light into my living room. I would def' call him the next time I need to hook my windows up.

I needed tinting/frosting for 2 skylight windows and a glass door. I found SVST on Yelp and called Ben. He was able to come over the same day. He was on time, friendly, professional and very knowledgeable. We scheduled the work for the next day. He did a great job and was able to consult on other glass and mirror projects. Highly recommend this company.

Maria and Ben were great to work with for a project at my company. I had an idea for our fishbowl conference room they were able to flawlessly deliver on it, and at a fair price. Everyone loves the new etched film with our company logo. Highly recommended!

Wow, these guys are pros! They got a job done for me literally a day after calling them in, and their price was very competitive too. They are my go-to for tint from now on. Awesome Service!

Ben came by to give me a quote about redoing the anti-graffiti film on the front of my gallery. I had no idea that that was what was on the glass - I just knew it looked bad! He gave me a great quote to remove the film and a good one to reapply new film. They came by - took it all off and the windows look fabulous. They were super fast, very professional and really nice to work with. 100% Recommend.

We used SVST to put privacy film on the bedroom window in our new apartment about a year ago and it still looks great. The install process was convenient and affordable, and the installer (Ben) was very quick and courteous.

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