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Bobby and his crew are the best! They've repaired my windows over the years and recently installed a new shower stall in my house and did a great job! Their people are professional, courteous and make sure you're completely satisfied!

Also, Russells Glass is racist. 20 years working there, I can quote the owner saying over and over.(quote) "If I ever have to hire a nigger or Mexican, I will paddock the doors" (unquote) Check their past employment history, they always hire white people only.40 years

I would not use this company for anything again. Cannot get it right, rude employees, missed commitments. Stay away

After wasting a good chunk of my time at Lowe's trying to get my window fixed, the "window pro" finally did something good by referring me to Russell's Glass & Mirror. I guess he wasn't completely worthless. Two panes of glass had been shattered on my bottom bedroom window sill, and I brought in the entire piece to Russell's. It's definitely a small location where you just kinda walk into a couple offices to get help. I had everything with me, and the lady I spoke with measured everything and quoted me a price in about 5 minutes. She said they'd have the window back to me in about a week and that they'd call me when it was ready. 6 days later I get a call that it's ready for pick up. For $77 they replaced both panes of glass and put everything back together so I could simply slide it back into the gaping hole in my window and secure it in place. Voila! I had a great experience with Russell's. Everything was perfectly measured and fit back good as new. It's really nice to rely on great local businesses to help ease your mind and make life a bit easier after something as nerve racking as a break in. Also, love that they got it to me in less than a week! For something as important as a replacement window in a house when it's 3 degrees outside, that's pretty spectacular. Note: they are open 7:00am to 4:00pm, but give them a call; they often have people staying late if you need to go in for a pick up or drop off.

For the record their employees have always been nice and friendly to me, but there is some serious slacking going on here. More than half of my experience with Russell's has resulted in waiting extra days (once over a week) for product as my initial trips to pick up mirrors were unsuccessful due to 4/5 inch scratches on the surface.

After calling for two days I finally managed to arrange for someone to come out and give an estimate. The guy never showed up nor did I receive a phone call asking to reschedule. No thank you.

Horrible experience. I explained what I needed done and they agreed to do it and gave me a quote. I sent them the order form with a diagram and the measurements, a letter explaining what we talked about, and that the glass piece I ordered was being delivered directly to them. When I did call, the women answering the phone were either nasty or almost pleasant and they never knew what was going on. One of the ladies actually argued with me when I called to verify that they recieved the glass plane. She was adamant that they didn't have anything even when I pointed out I was looking at the FedEx site with the time and date stamp for when it was delivered to them. Turns out they did have it and I didn't get a call back to let me know or an apology for the treatment or the attitude. Mensa candidate Bobby, the man in charge of this nightmare, was unconcerned that anything was wrong and refused to listen to a word I said. He actually cut me off mid-sentence, didn't even know why they were the doing the work they'd agreed to do, made sure I knew how busy he was, and finally asked me, "Do you want it installed or not, because I can have them leave it with you and make you schedule with someone else." And the installers, when they arrived an hour after they were scheduled to be at my house, had to call Bobby to see what the charges were supposed to be. And what I was charged was not what I was quoted, it was more. Surprise, surprise! .