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Residential Homes, Condos, and Townhouses

While glass and windows bring many benefits to homes, it also brings a lot of heat and discomfort.

Window Film is the best solution to stop the heat coming from windows and glass doors.

Light and Bright Window Tinting has been serving homeowners in South Florida since 1977 with window tinting solutions. We offer the best quality window film available in the market, LLumar, Solar Gard and Sun Tek window films, combined with our excellent customer service.

Light and Bright Window Tinting is a family owned business serving Miami Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties, on commercial and residential window tinting projects. Our services are extended to not only to provide you with the product and installation.

Donnie Greenberg, owner of Light and Bright, proudly says:

Benefits of Residential Window Film Installation

Window Film brings a lot of benefits for homeowners in South Florida:

  • Window Tinting saves you money by cutting our electric bill down
  • For commercial windows facing west you can get a FPL rebate that helps to pay for some of your investment
  • Increase comfort throughout your home or condo, eliminating hot and cold spots
  • Increases Privacy
  • Blocks 99% of UV rays
  • Protects your furniture from fading
  • Reduces the affect of glare
  • And much more