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Home / February 12, 2020

5615 Cameron St
Ste 2
Las Vegas, NV 89118
(702) 222-1710

Top notch ownership, craftsmanship, and customer service! As they say "you get what you pay for"! HIGHLY IF NOT MY ONLY RECOMMENDATION IF YOU WANT THE REAL DEAL!!

I used them on my last home 2 years ago for security tint and gave them a call for my new home. Well good luck on ever getting called back within the hour or at all. I finally reached someone after calling three times to make an appointment and someone was supposed to be here at 9am this morning. It's now 9:45 and the guy is a no show. No phone call, nothing. Thank you for wasting my time. I guess spending over 2k for my previous home doesn't even warrant me a courtesy call. Bad business practices and I'm done. Won't recommend them again. I've never had this much trouble giving business to a company before and frankly they're not worth my time that they've already wasted.. I'll be using another company for my home.

Called Las Vegas Window Tinting to come out and strip and re-tint the windows in my town home. This company is the same company that originally did them for me 20+ years ago. The management has changed but they've proven their workmanship hasn't. I had a guy out within a couple days for the quote and was scheduled for the following week to have the windows done. They removed all the old tint, cleaned up the mess and then re-tinted all the windows and storm door. Afterwards while looking at one of the windows there appeared to be a crease in the tint and from the outside it looked as if the window was cracked. I called the company back explained my issued and by the end of the week they had come and fixed the tint. That window actually had to be completely redone as a dog hair got attached to the tint and that was what was making it look like a crack on the outside. NO CHARGE! Again they cleaned everything up and did a great job! Would definitely recommend Las Vegas Window Tinting!

Called this place for a quote to have one of my house windows tinted as I had to have it replaced. $250 minimum. The window ITSELF did not even cost that much to have replaced.

These great folks offered me a budget friendly solution to full window replacement, easily saving me hundreds of $$. They were pleasant to deal with, showed up at the agreed upon times, and the work was done in a reasonable amount of time, and with no muss or fuss. I would definitely use them again, and would have no hesitation recommending them!

The guys who installed my French door tinting were professional & friendly. It's been just over 1year, and there is no streaking, no holes. The doors still look new. I used this company a few years ago for all the windows in my house. Those windows still look new. Of course I would recommend this company to anyone.

Had our CRV windows tinted with ceramic and am sure glad we went that route. They were friendly and answered all my questions. The service was as expected. I highly recommend Las Vegas Window Tinting for your tinting needs. However, make sure to wash your car before bringing it in. Very important. Thanks guys!

From the phone call, to the visit to the close of the sale, this place is THE most professional tint shop I've ever used!! They work on appointment only (YAY.someone who values my time as much as I do!) and I was able to get in within 3 days of calling. The young lady on the phone was VERY professional, explained everything clearly and appointments work, price, tint types they offered, how long it would take, where they're located and at the end of the call asked if I had any other questions). Day of my appointment I showed up about :15 minutes early. Megan checked me in, showed me the window tint options explaining the differences in thorough detail, let me know about how long it would be (no change from what they told me on the phone..YAY) & told me exactly how much it would be. I knew I'd be running late getting back so asked to pre-pay and she was totally agreeable to that. My car was done in less than an hour and they called to let me know. I was stuck at work and missed the call. They followed up in about :30 minutes later with me. I picked up my car (it looks more amazing than I could have imagined!!), Megan explained the warranty paperwork, gave me a receipt & I zipped on home. There are a few chairs to sit in if you want to wait. Most places I've been want to keep the car all day or get backed up after you get there and don't deliver as promised so I never wait. Gotta tell you though, this place is GREAT and had I known they were so FAST and genuinely committed to delivering my car in the timeframe promised, I definitely would have waited. I noticed they have a candy dish (with the good candy!), some magazines & a few coloring books for kids if you want to wait. Will definitely be calling them to do our house next!!

These guys are awesome! Called today to see if the could tint my windows on my new vehicle I just bought. Kali actually answered the phone. We're as the last 5 companies I called went to an answering machine. Kali said bring your vehicle in around 21:30pm. Fred the tinter went right to work. About an hour later, the tinting was done. I would highly recommend Las Vegas Window Tinting for all your tinting needs.

Had my windows tinted here about a month ago, had an issue with the back window and they were accommodating and set up a appointment... The car turned out great!!

They told me my tint would be 2 1/2 hours it took them 5 hours to finish the tint on my car. They didn't give me a curtesy call I showed up 2x to check if my car was ready and they weren't finish. They scratched my window on the passenger window I called several times to address it but no one returned my call.

They were very nice initially on the phone, I made an appointment to get an estimate at my house for security window tinting. Now, on my day I sit. Over an hour AFTER my scheduled appointment time. No call to let me know they were running late, or had to reschedule. I tried calling the office, but they are closed, so I guess I'm NOT getting an estimate today. Very unprofessional. Apparently my time is not valuable. I had heard good things about this company, so I had high hopes. I guess I will find another company that wants my business. Update: I received a call with a message that the reason they didn't show up was because they had my phone number wrong in their system. So, you called to confirm the appointment initially, and now you are calling me again. On my phone. To tell me you have my number wrong. On my phone. I understand that things happen, but next time try a sincere apology with no ridiculous excuse, and an offer to make things right. On my phone. Unless you have the wrong number again.

As a designer in Las Vegas I need the best of the best! I found the best in these guys. Very professional always pro-active in making the work fabulous. Look no further - Hire these guys they are the best in town!