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Home Windows Tinting for Privacy

Home / November 2, 2020

There are three sources of heat that can seep through your windows, making your home less comfortable: Infrared Rays make up 53 percent of the heat from the sun, Visible Light Transmission is 44 percent, and the final 3 percent comes from Ultra Violet Rays (UV). UV rays are the most damaging factor, and they are the cause of fading on your furniture and floors when the sun comes through your windows. Untreated glass typically only blocks about 11 percent of UV rays, which means a great deal of sun damage to your belongings. When you install window tinting, however, your windows start blocking 99 percent of all UV rays, keeping the inside of your home looking just as vibrant as ever.

Reduce Solar Heat Gain

Heat blockage is the biggest aspect of installing window tinting for energy savings. Not only will it block damaging UV rays, but it will keep other heat from seeping through your windows and making your energy bills higher each month. Today, you can even get effective heat reflection without having to choose a dark film. Remember, though, that ever set of windows is different, so it’s important to have experts take a look at your windows to find the best type of film for your needs!

Source: www.scottishwindowtinting.com