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I chose Enhanced Glass based off of the Yelp reviews and I'm happy that I did. I was able to get an appointment within a couple of days after deciding to move forward with the project. I was pleased with the quick turn around time. Another company that I contacted for a quote was going to be a few weeks out so that definitely helped sway things towards Enhanced Glass. Also, both quotes were comparable. Dorian arrived a few minutes past our appointment time but he apologized a few times and explained that the previous job had run a little longer than expected. I appreciated the sincerity. Once he got started, it didn't take too long to finish the job. Afterwards, he explained some of the things I could expect to see over the first few weeks following the installation. This included bubbles and haze which are normal as the solution settles. We chit chatted for a bit as he worked and I inquired about some of the other products they offered. He was really knowledgeable and he explained some of the pros and cons to the different products. Based on my experience, I'm comfortable recommending Enhanced Glass to any family, friends, and neighbors who are looking for alternatives to either energy savings or security.

5 star work quality 2 star communication and quoting experience === Guido came to my house and installed all films professionally. The quality of his work was high. The films were installed almost perfectly, and he made sure that we knew how to properly take care of the films in the first few weeks after they were installed. However, the experience of communicating with Dorian was really bad. He came to my house, measured the glasses I pointed to him, and gave me a quote orally. I asked if he could give me an itemized written quote with more details, and he said he would send it to me that night. Two weeks later, after I asking two more times and he missing promised time twice, I finally got a quote in PDF, which simply shows the total number of panels and a price. It didn't list any descriptions on what panels they were, not to mention sizes. I wanted to get more details, but it took 2 weeks for him to prepare this one-line thing to me and I didn't want to wait even longer, so I accepted this quote. I got everything prepared, cleared the area below windows, planned for working from home for a day, and Guido came to do the work as scheduled. Then he told me that two of the panels were not included in the quote and I had to pay $150 extra to have them done. I described the bedroom the panels were in, but he said he did so many quotes and I shouldn't expect him to remember it. It was ordinary to miss two panels in his written quote, according to him. This is bait-and-switch, although Dorian claimed that he didn't know what this meant. What it meant was: I asked him to do these many panels, and he gave me a price, then later he claimed that the price didn't include two panels I mentioned. Dorian refused to admit that he was unprofessional. Maybe every contractor has their own standard of professionalism, but this was not the standard I would expect. When I received the quote in PDF, I didn't check if the number of panels matched the actual number I told him. It was 17 vs 19 and I didn't bother counting given that they had such a high rating on Yelp and thought it must not be wrong. It was a huge mistake to blindly trusting them and not validating if the numbers were correct. It was also a mistake for being "impatient" after two weeks' waiting and not asking him to provide an itemized quote. It became the biggest point of argument by Dorian. Using the same logic, I could also claim that the two missing panels were the smallest two amounts all, instead of the large ones in the bedroom. After a long argument, Dorian finally agreed to waive the $150 extra charge for the two panels missing from his quote. This was appreciated since it was also my mistake for not checking if the number on his quote was correct. But I won't choose them next time I need to install films on doors and garage windows. If you do want to do business with them, here're my suggestions: check the written quote carefully; count the number of panels; ask him to provide a quote that include as many details as possible, especially the description of EACH panel, including the size; never accept a quote that simply states the total number of panels and the price.

Awesome work and great company. First class all the way. Dorian did great work. Professional and great service.

My mother had them come in and do her windows. I saw instant results on how it kept the house cooler and how perfect and clean the windows looked. Dorian was extremely professional and very helpful explaining what he was doing and how to take care of the windows. He took great pride in his work and went above and beyond to make sure she was happy with the job.They got back to her in an efficient amount of time and got the job done within the week which was great because she was on a time schedule. Would recommend them for future jobs or anyone looking.

First of all, this is small group of local guys servicing window film (solar, security, frosting, etc) solutions in the Puget Sound area, which by itself is a plus in my book. On top of that they show up to appointments on-time, are impeccable at their craft, and have great customer service. We contracted them for a few security film installs and glass frosting on some doors and windows. The cuts are clean and the lines are straight. What more can you ask for? Highly recommended, for sure!

Great custom service! Great job! Very professional guys.. Dorian came early morning and finished pretty quickly. Highly recommend.