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PictureWith locations in Fort Myers and Naples, Beverly Hills Tinting & Window Treatments serves all of Southwest Florida including Marco Island, Bonita Springs, Estero, Sanibel, Captiva, and Cape Coral. We are your complete one stop source for window coverings.

What if there was a cost-effective way to keep your home cool, energy costs low, and protect your family & furniture from the hot, Florida sun? Would you do it?

What if you could throw out your dusty, old blinds and be able to have

a beautiful unobstructed view of your yard while minimizing glare? Sounds great, right?

What if you could find a licensed, insured, and RELIABLE contractor to install window films in your home in Fort Myers or Naples? Would you hire them?

Who wouldn't? But without scouring countless reviews on the internet, who can you turn to for trustworthy information? Quality Service Pros, that's who.

Certified by Quality Service Pros of Southwest FloridaAs a member of Quality Service Pros, Beverly Hills Window Tinting & Treatments must be licensed, insured, and maintain a positive history of quality workmanship, customer ratings & feedback. As such, you can rest assured that a highly qualified technician will be installing window films in your home. You'll be delighted:

  • Knowing that your family will be protected from harmful UV rays
  • With lower costs to cool your home
  • Knowing that your family and carpet will be protected from fading
  • With reduced glare from the sun
  • With an unobstructed view of your great outdoors

Benefits of installing residential window films

Beverly Hills Window Tinting & Treatments offers high-quality products, great service, and lifetime warranties on most of our products.

The cost of cooling your home due to the heat gained through windows can make up about 40% of your summer utility bill. Window film can help protect you from solar heat gain by reflecting the heat, which helps lower energy consumption. Heat Control solar window film can help you save an average of on summer cooling costs!

B & A photos of home window tinting in Naples, FLNot only does home window tinting prevent heat from entering your home, it also removes ninety-nine percent of ultra-violet rays from the light that comes in. This not only protects you and your family, it also prevents the fading of furniture and carpets. Leaving you perfectly safe with even more savings.

Ever wondered what your home would look like with a little more privacy or solar control?

Protection of You & Your Home

Window tint blocks 99% of damaging ultraviolet rays without reducing the amount of light let into your home.

This protects your family and friends from skin and eye damage. It also reduces fading of your home furnishings and fabrics. Untreated windows allow UV rays into your home that fade and weather your carpets, artwork, and draperies. Window tint can lengthen the life span of all your home furnishings, keeping you happy and comfortable.

Increase Energy Efficiency & Comfort

Window tint can reduce the heat accumulated by your home by as much as 78%.

This makes your home cooler and more comfortable. The decrease in heat can also drastically reduce the cost of utility bills. Window film on your windows has proven to lower a monthly electric bill by up to 40%. With gas prices as high as they are, we can all use a little extra cash. On top of this, Progress Energy and OUC are offering rebates as incentives to help you afford the cost of tinting your windows.

Glare can also be blocked from entering your home. Annoying glare can make things like watching TV, or talking to a family member, a huge effort. Without darkening your home, this glare can be prevented if you choose the right film.

Source: www.bhwtinc.com