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Home / September 22, 2016

Welcome to the Daybreak, the world's only window film blog teaching you about the windows in your home.

Over the last year we have received numerous calls from homeowners, just like you, looking to solve a “sun” problem in their homes. Perhaps the hardwood floors have faded, the “sunroom” is unbearable, or the bedroom is 81 degrees (yes, even in winter) – these problems exist for one reason: unsubstantiated trust in the quality of your windows.

Anderson, Pella, Jeld-Wen, Marvin, etc. offer hundreds of window options, for every type of budget and need, and it is important to know which window is actually in your home. In our experience, less than 5% of our 3, 000+ customers have a true, high-performing window (and they STILL needed window film). That means, statistically speaking, the vast majority of Indiana homeowners are living with “underperforming” windows, and don’t even know it.

To appreciate the impact window film can make on your home, it’s a valuable step to understand your windows. This information is readily available from your window installer (if they are new), from your builder/previous homeowner (perhaps as a new homeowner packet) or directly on the windows themselves (check the inside for cpd numbers, brand names or even laser etchings on the lower corner of the glass).

Have your data in hand? Below is an introduction to the 5 most important performance factors associated with windows we will address in detail over the next 5 weeks. Each week, we’ll dig deep on one term to give you a thorough understanding and present real-world examples from our clients. These mini case studies will help illustrate where, why and how window film was used to solve very specific sun control needs.

To get you started, here are THE 5 TERMS we will be discussing in depth over the coming weeks. Visit to get a jump on the class:

Week 1: VLT or VT - Visible Light Transmittance - How much of the light our eyes can see. If you cannot watch the football game on Sunday because of glare on the screen, this is the number we need to address.

Week 2: U-Value (often shown as winter median U-Value) - The insulating power of your glass - how well your windows keep heat in your home. Important in the winter when you get the heating bill.

Week 3: SHGC - Solar Heat Gain Coefficient - How much heat energy your windows keep outside on sunny days. Important when the AC is running 24/7 in July and you are still sweating on the sofa.

Week 4: AL - Air Leakage - How much air will enter through your window. Even new windows can be drafty making it chilly in the house.