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Tennessee Tint company has over 90 different types of commercial / residential films varying in shade and color available. Window tint allows you to open those blinds and curtains allowing you to see the outside world. Tennessee Tint Co. offers the largest selection of professional grade window films in the Mid-South including Llumar, Solar Gard, and Madico films. Tennessee Tint Co can also remove pre-existing window tint.

Window films vary in finish, light transparency, color and reflectivity. There are two types of finishes. The first is a "glossy" finish which allows one to see through to the other side. The second is a "matted or frosted" finish which distorts light and does not allow one to see clear images on the other side. Additionally all films have varying levels of darkness to fit your specific need. Some films are so light you can't tell they're even there but they still block out 99.9%of the sun's harmful UV rays. Other films are opaque and will not let any light in; perfect for those who sleep during the day. Window films come in many different levels of light transparency, or to explain further, these films are rated by percentage of light that actually pass through the film. These percentages range from: Clear, 65%, 50%, 40%, 20%, 5% and 0% also known as opaque. Window films come in several colors including brown, bronze, gray, silver, green, blue, yellow, red, black. Window films vary in reflectivity, some are shiny and reflect the light off of the glass to lower glass temperature while others are non reflective. Graphic films consist of films that have frosted patterns or may even look like blinds. Security films are thicker and will add strength to the glass making the window more resistant to breakage.

Top Reasons to get Residential/ Commercial window tint.

  • To reduce fading of expensive hardwood floors.
  • To reduce fading of fabrics used for furniture, carpeting, and drapery.
  • To reduce or eliminate glare especially on computer screens or TV's.
  • To insulate the windows during the winter months (keeps inside warmer).
  • To reduce heat coming through the windows during the summer.
  • To lower utility bills by as much as 20 % when applied to the South & West.
  • Privacy, especially bathroom windows, with a matted finish.
  • To eliminate all light from window allowing sleep during daytime hours.
  • Safety films add strength to the glass making it hard to break
  • To reduce room temperature where air conditioning is not effective.

    Ideal reasons to get safety film

  • Children's' playroom windows.keep balls or horseplay from breaking glass.
  • Storefront windows...Keep vandals from breaking in and stealing merchandise.
  • Helps keep glass intact in case of breakage, easier clean up, less hazardous.
  • Door keep vandals from breaking one small window and unlocking the door allowing easy entry.
  • Racket ball court windows.

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