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What is the Best Auto Windows Tint?

Auto / August 24, 2021

So, you are interested about the best window tint units, right? We are not only going to talk about the best car window tint or the best car tint units but we will also be covering automotive tints and anything and everything related to the tint industry which will help you to find out that best tint film for whatever purpose that you are waiting to be served.

Let’s start with the question what is a tint film before we get deep into searching for the best auto tint film and the best window film units. What is a tint film? You see, it is very important that you understand about a product before you go ahead and buy it. Yes, it might not be important to understand stuffs if you are buying a commodity but we are assuming that the tints for cars or the window tints are not considered as commodity on your end. Obviously, if you know about tints then there is no point in again reading the intro, you can then immediately skip and get into the reviews.

What Is Window Tint/ Window Tinting?

The first thing that you got to understand is that window tint and window film are pretty much the same thing. They are called with different names but they will not offer you very different features. The window tints or the window films are bought to be safe from the UV rays of hot sun. You see, the best quality tints will allow all the lights to come inside your home or car but it won’t allow the UV rays to come inside via glass. This again means that the heat will also stay outside and nothing except light will come in. That’s the whole idea of going for a window tint. You will call a tint the best window tinting or the best automotive tint if it can do this task perfectly. On the other hand, if it cannot then tint is most certainly not the best tint for cars or best car window tinting or even for home use.

6 Best Window Tint Reviews

In this section of the article, we will talk about the window tint film reviews. Now, though we differentiated the two industries by home and car window tint types, the types are pretty much the same and you will be happy with any good units that you go ahead and purchase. So, yes, let’s not waste more time and go straight into the reviews.

6. Lexen Computer Pre-Cut Complete Tint Kit For All Windows

The first unit that we will talk about is the Lexen computer pre-cut tint kit from the brand Lexen. If you want to go for something that is properly cut and will look posh and classy at the same time, this is the unit that you should prefer.

The Lexen has everything that will make you go wow about the product. From the complete non-reflected film to the scratch protection, you get full justice of your money. The kit is durable and there are different density shades that you can go for depending on how much light you want inside your car or home.

The film is very friendly and easy to install. Around 99% of UV rays are protected when you install this film which is the maximum number.

5. BDF S05 Window Film One Way Mirror Silver

So, you just don’t want a tint film that covers you from the ray of UV. You want something more than just that. You want something that will not only protect you from UV rays but will also reflect the lights and make your home look beautiful. Your building or your car will turn into a mirror and not any mirror, a good one.

Go for BDF S05. It has every size that you need. There are different light versions and there are color options too which is interesting.

4. OxGord Car Window Tinting Black Reflective Window Tint

If you are looking for a cheap but good solution for your car, then this is the unit that you should go for. This will solve all of your tint film related problems and you will not get such good quality products anywhere else at that price point.

It is easy to get cheap products but it is difficult to get something that is cheap and comes with quality at the same time. This is one of those. There are different color options which will give you from 50% to 100% tint. The heat stays away and the UV rays too. What else do you want?

3. Gila PB78 Privacy Residential Window Film

Gila PB78 is one of Gila’s finest privacy units. This tint film thinks about your privacy too as well as protecting you from sun, from glare and from heat. So the idea is very simple. If you want to be protected and also want to care about your privacy, go for this unit.

There are two different versions that you can go for. There is a 36-inch unit and then there is a 100 fit version. You can cut it to your required size.

2. Gila Basic 20% VLT Automotive Window Tint

So, if the previous one was not a good option for you then this is certainly going to be one. This is a bit costlier than the previous unit but the features are worth that slight extra cost. There are four different colors that you can pick.

The glare rejection is up to 78% which is not bad neither excellent. But the UV protection is there and it is above 99% which is great. More importantly, you get to see 20% visible lights so it is not all dark when you install this tint in your car or home.

1. Gila LES361 Heat Contro Residential Window Film

The last one in our list is the Gila LES361. This is the finest of tint films that you will ever find and it has everything that you want or might want. There are enough size options for you and if those sizes are not good enough for you, you can always buy a bigger one and cut it to your perfect size.

It protects you up to 99% from any UV rays and the glare is rejected up to 67%. The unit also makes sure that there is no interior furnishing damage when you have this installed which is kind of a bonus from this best tint film.

Window Tint Brands

So, this section is all about the top window tint brands or the window film brands. It is important that you know about the best tint brands before you get into the reviews. The brands always play a huge role in the purchase decision of consumers so before you go deep into the products, let’s spend a few minutes on the best car window tint brand and the best window tint film brand units.

The most popular window tint brands are Axis, Maxro and Hanita Coatings. This doesn’t mean that the market is saturated and there is no space left for new parties. The market is wide open and there are other popular players in this industry too such as 3M, ASWF, Bekaert and FormulaOne (You read it right). These are considered as the most popular and reputed top tint film brands around the globe whether you are talking about the tints for cars or about the best window film for home use. If you go for one of these brand, then it is pretty much guaranteed that you will have the best window tint for home without much worry. Then again, we will get into the detailed review to see what’s the perfect ones out there.

How Does Window Tint Work?

Remember we said to you once that it is important to know how things work to be a better consumer? We are going to take that process one step further and we are going to tell you how the whole window tint thing works so that you know everything before you go ahead and purchase the next best window tint film.