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Huper Optik Automotive Windows Tint

Auto / February 16, 2017

Upon completion of the installation, looking through the windows from the inside of the structure it is nearly impossible to see the difference of visibility through the glass, but reduced heat gain through the windows is very noticeable."

"I am the General Manager of Manhattan Auto Group, New York City's Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, Mazda, Jaguar, Land Rover, and Volvo dealership.Our staff has embraced the Hüper Optik Ceramic line as the best technology offered in comparison to other tints..." "Because of our status as a historical property, the Chicago Water Tower had to have its original windows intact. We needed an energy-saving option that would preserve, and not replace. The film we selected Hüper Sech, was our solution." Our receptionist doesn't have to "squint" anymore, since Hüper's Drei was installed. It was causing tension headaches, and damaging our carpet and woodwork." Thanks again Elite Glass Tinting for your solid craftsmanship in applying the Huper Optik Ceramic film to my Golf R. I have to tell you, as I was driving home I sensed something was different, although I couldn’t quite figure out what it was at first. Then it hit me, my AC, which was set to automatic climate control, was running on its lowest fan speed. IT NEVER DOES THAT, especially when the temperature is nearing 90 degrees. The thermal properties of that Huper Optik Ceramic film wasn’t just hype! Eric Duran of Elemental Tinting Solutions was outstanding! His work is meticulous and he truly cares about the customer. He made sure to respect our property by covering necessary areas, and left everything clean and sparkling. He worked hard! In a world we all struggle to get any customer service, I will say you all did an outstanding job. "When we decided to install film on our home, we were looking to decrease heat and reject UV from our valuables. What made us choose Hüper Optik window films were their non-reflective look and clear appearance along with their prevention of UV rays and heat from entering our home." . "The energy savings we needed had to have a very quick return on investment...that's why for Mayaguez Resorts, the Ceramic 30 was the best choice. We were able to decrease the tonnage on our chiller, and that really helped our bottom line." When I originally shopped for tint, I couldn't find a lot of credible information on long term viability of this film, and was afraid it was just an expensive gimmick that would deteriorate just like cheap film. But I can say with assurance that's not the case. The car was garaged at work and at home for about the first 4-5 years, but this film has been out in the Houston sun every day for about the last 6+ yrs.; and it's amazing that any film could hold up for 11 years in the TX heat! Also, the color/shade of the replacement pieces installed in 2012 are indiscernible from the original tint, with no apparent fading. So those ceramic Nano-particles are the real deal. "We are delighted with film five years out from when we put it on the buses. We used the Hüper Optik Drei film. It has a cleaner look, and does a great job of reducing heat into the bus and blocking UV rays. Our police department has also commented to me how much they like the film, since they can look into the buses and observe misbehavior, whereas the old dark films did not allow them to see into the bus."