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Custom Auto Windows Tint

Auto / October 21, 2020

Tint World® custom tinting adds a flare to any car or truck by using our custom paint and custom tint graphics. We have custom tint flame packages ready to be sent to your doorstep or ready for installation. Our flame tint designs include custom tint graphics that blaze from front to back.

Have your own custom tint graphic or design? – no problem. We’re happy to accommodate your individual needs. Custom tint flames can be made with the following variety of colors: blue, green, red, and yellow. We can also mix colors to make new custom tint shades. Some of the coolest custom tint graphics include flames, and cheetah or leopard print tint designs. We can also outline colored flames with chrome to give your custom tint graphic a unique pinstripe effect. Several layers of different custom tints make up the design. Chromed window film is often used in flame or logo designs to make your custom tint designs stand out.

Custom tinting can come in a wide variety of tint graphics, designs, colors and style films that can be custom-cut to match your wildest ideas. You don’t have to stick with plain windows, the right custom tint design or graphic adds a creative element to any car or truck. If your car or truck already has graphics, custom tinting can match or accent your graphics and become another detail that will “shadow” the competition.

If you want your windows to be the only graphic element on your truck, then using multiple color tints in various custom tint designs will take your car or truck to the next level of customization. Our computer film cut system allows us to create intricate details for almost any custom tint design. Custom tint designs include flames, skulls or even your club or business logo as part of your vehicle’s window tint. The possibilities are endless, and we even can apply vinyl graphics to the body of the vehicle to match your custom tint design.