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Auto / December 2, 2020

14200 SE McLoughlin Blvd
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Portland, OR 97267
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A couple of firsts here. First time I ever had window tinting done and first time going to Elite Window Tinting. I did research online at various window tinting places and Elite came out on top. For the heck of it I called our local Toyota dealership to see if they did tinting and what prices were. They said they didn't but recommend everyone to Elite. Once there, I had no idea on what tint, how dark, etc... and went with their recommendation. I just wanted something to closely match back side windows on my truck I recently purchased new. They installed it quickly and from what I can tell at this point (had it done yesterday), their craftsmanship seems to be very high and see no issues with their work. It was also pointed out to me as I checked out that if I have any issues whatsoever, give them a call as they stand behind their products. That says a lot to me and feel confident they will keep their promise if need arises. It was a positive process all the way around. Thank You.

I was VERY skeptical with ALL the Window Tinting companies. I spent numerous hours reading all the reviews from Yelp and other websites. I called Elite once before making an actual appointment. Finally, got my car tinted yesterday. They said it would have taken 2+ hours but they did it in an hour. I'm quite happy with everything. I took the special deal they offered on Yelp... $40 off the 3M Color Stable Tint.

Excellent professional and honest service! Came in and got a great explanation of the various tints and options. Great product, car looks amazing! Would definitely come back and refer friends and family!

Had my windows tinted on my Tesla Model S. Super happy with the quality and work put into my car. I had wincos tint put on and it looks amazing. I would highly recommend them if you are looking to get your car windows tinted.

I have had a half dozen cars done by these guys over the last 8 or more years and every time it's the same great service and great products. I have not shopped around nor price checked but their products and professionalism keep me from having to.

My wife and I just bought a brand new car for the first time. Elite did an excellent job and treated our car like it was there own. If your thinking of these type of services, go with these guys!

Had my Nissan Leaf windows tinted and had an excellent experience. Friendly and professional staff. Thanks for a great experience!

These guys are great!! We went in expecting to get all our windows done on my wife's car and they said it would look better if we only did two. Love the honesty even though it meant less business for them. We liked it so much we did my truck the same day.and all for less than our original quote.

I had my e500 wagon tinted today by the guys at Elite. The tint looks awesome! I was unsure what tint level to go with and the whole team was great in explaining what was legal for my specific vehicle. I'm super happy with how it turned out. Secondly, I had Elite remove a clear bra that was on my vehicle. They were very honest that it may be a pretty big pain to take it off and quoted me a range of pricing. I got a call mid day with a status update and sure enough it was taking a long time to fully remove the bra. When I arrived to pick my car up, the team (4 of them) were still working on some final touches. The owner was actually using a buffing wheel to make it look extra great. Thanks to the Elite team for staying longer to finish up my job. I'll be back!

I have had paint protection film installed on my cars since it was first introduced in 2002. That being said I know a good job when I see it and these guys deliver! I have had some so-so experiences with the other high end customizing shop in Beaverton so I went back to Elite. They had done a Subaru of mine in 2008. Boy was I pleasantly surprised!! They flawlessly installed xpel ppf on my new Tacoma as well as tinted the front two windows perfectly. Great service and pricing! Thank you.

These guys are great! Fast and efficient. I think this is my 10th or 11th car they have tinted. Their price is always fair. They have always given me exactly what I've wanted, faster than anticipated. If I could give them 10 stars I would!

Called around to get quotes for tinting the front 2 windows on my car. Elite was slightly more expensive than other shops but with their warranty and how much they experience they have I'm glad I chose them to tint my car. The tint came out great and I highly doubt I'll ever have issues with it. Would definitely recommend them if you're looking for quality tint