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Auto / June 10, 2019

When I first saw my car I was blown away. It looked shinnier and Provider name locked. than I had seen it look in some time. Getting your car buffed will have that effect. The inside detailing was just okay. When I opened the glove compartment it has not been cleaned well, if at all. Same thing when I opened the hatchback of the car. There was heavy dirt in the side wells. There was still a little dirt on the carpet here and there. My Husband said I was being picky, and I said, "well, detailing means detailing!" They did do a good job on the dash. Leather seats looked fine. The touch-up they did of the scratches was not done that well and was very noticeable, but I figured at the time that was as good as was possible.

I was so blinded by the shiny redness that I failed to notice that while buffing the car they had buffed the plastic parts as well, the door handles, some window molding. Buffing the plastic had done it no favors, removing some of the paint, and is something an experienced shop should not have done. In additon, I had requested the clean the nickel-plated gas tank cover, thinking it would be scrubbed with some sort of chemical. However, they chose to Provider name locked. that as well, removing all the shine and ruining the look of the gas tank cover. I noticed that at the time but figured the gas cover was probably not cleanable anyway and didn't say anything. I also didn't say anything about the buffed plastic after the fact, since I had already paid and I did not think they would be receptive to the feedback.

The last straw for me with this business came today. It has been raining cats and dogs. I have two cars, which I park next to each other out back. The other car, which was detailed late last fall, had water beading off it from the wax that had been applied 8 months ago. The Eclipse, which was waxed two months previously as part of being detailed at this shop, had no water beading on it - anywhere.

I called Nick, who assurred me the car had been hand waxed. He said he has no idea what has happened to the car in the past two months, that I must have done something that caused the wax to be removed. I asked him for examples of what I could have done to my car that would cause this, he had no answers. I repeatedly told him that there is nothing I could have done to cause any entire car to be stripped of wax, which frustrated Nick. I told him I would drive the car over to his shop, we could spray it with a hose, and he could see for himself the lack of beading. He said no. He did offer to re-wax the car for what he assured me would be a reasonable fee. He told me I should have noticed the lack of beading earlier, that is has been raining all summer. If they did indeed hand wax my car, which I have my doubts, they did a really terrible job.

So, between the poor/no wax job, the not compeltely detailed detailing, and the buffing of plastic, I recommend you take your care elsewhere. I wish I had.